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Crunchyroll Adds ‘School Rumble’ Anime OVA Series Bilingual Streaming

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One of my favorite shows from a long time ago in a fandom far, far away has now made the leap from Funimation to Crunchyroll with School Rumble. The twenty-six-episode anime series has largely been a Funimation exclusive since 2004 when it first came out and the first season was recently brought to Crunchyroll in its original Japanese language with English subtitles as well as the English dub. Then, the second season found its way there as that brings another twenty-six episodes to the service with both the subtitled and dubbed versions available.

The latest update has come in and the service has now added the two-episode OVA series to the list which delivers a bit more fun for fans of this delightful property.

The series was directed by Shinji Takamatsu from the series composition by Hiroko Tokita. Coming from the manga by Jin Kobayashi, Hajime Watanabe worked on the character designs with Studio Comet handling the production.

The Japanese cast includes Ami Koshimizu as Tenma Tsukamoto, Hiroki Takahashi as Kenji Harima, Hiroki Konishi as Ooji Karasuma, Hitomi Nabatame as Mikoto Suou, Kaori Shimizu as Akira Takano, Mamiko Noto as Yakumo Tsukamoto, Shinji Kawada as Haruki Hanai, and Yui Horie as Eri Sawachika.

The English dub was directed by Brina Palencia with a cast that includes Brandon Potter as Kenji Harima, Brina Palencia as Mikoto Suou, Caitlin Glass as Yakumo Tsukamoto, Eric Vale as Oji Karasuma, Leah Clark as Eri Sawachika, Luci Christian as Tenma Tsukamoto, and Trina Nishimura as Akira Takano.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Tsukamoto Tenma is an ordinary 2nd year high school student who has fallen in love with one of her classmates, Karasuma Ooji. However, currently she is unable to confess her feelings to him. To make things worse, she found out that Karasuma is transferring to another school in a year. On the other hand, Tenma’s other classmate, Harima Kenji (who is a delinquent) is also in love with Tenma. Not being able to confess his feelings, Harima gets depressed day by day.

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