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Crunchyroll Sets ‘Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’ Anime Feature Film Streaming Premiere

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Enter the Dragon Cry, a magic staff rumored to possess the power to destroy the world.
Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Japanese Blu-ray Cover

Streaming for anime feature films tends to lag for the usual reasons but eventually, some of them do end up getting the treatment. Funimation previously added a new one to their service, just as the main series drew to a close, with Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. The film was made available in bilingual form with it open to viewers in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Now, Crunchyroll is bringing the film onto their service as the last part of their summer movie anime streaming marathon with a planned October 6th, 2022 debut. It’ll be in both Japanese and English like the Funimation run and have English subtitles for the Japanese side.

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The film is directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa based on the script by Shoji Yonemura. With animation by A-1 Pictures, Yuuko Yamada served as the character designer and chief animation director.

The Japanese cast includes Tetsuya Kakihara as Natsu Dragneel, Aya Hirano as Lucy Heartfilia, Rie Kugimiya as Happy, Yūichi Nakamura as Gray Fullbuster, Sayaka Ohara as Erza Scarlet, Satomi Satou as Wendy and Yui Horie as Carla/Charle. The new characters cast are Makoto Furukawa as Animus, Aoi Yuuki as Sonya and Jirou Saitou as Zash Caine.

The manga is currently being released by Kodansha Comics in North America while Funimation is handling the anime releases.

Plot Concept: Enter the Dragon Cry, a magic staff rumored to possess the power to destroy the world. For years it’s been safely guarded in the Kingdom of Fiore until Zash, a traitor of Fiore, steals it. Luckily, the task of recovering the Dragon Cry is the perfect job for the wizards of Fairy Tail – Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, and the cats!