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Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible #126 Manga Review

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Shiraishi lives a largely-unnoticed existence, until a girl named Kubo gives his social life a major boost in Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible!
© 2019 by Nene Yukimori / SHUEISHA Inc.

“Class Trip and Free Time”

Creative Staff
Story/Art: Nene Yukimori
Translation: Amanda Haley

What They Say
You can’t be invisible when the heroine has her eyes on you!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
As the series rolls on, still without a huge chunk of chapters as Viz Media started this later in its run this property from Nene Yukimori continues to prove itself to be an entirely accessible work as I was able to pick up this in the early 80s range of chapters and enjoy it easily enough. The series is one that works through some familiar kinds of material here for a high school romance with a bit of comedy and that helps as you just have to get a handle on the way the characters interact with each other. Yet Yukimori’s a solid artist with good designs for the characters that feel their own so that it’s not just a carbon copy of something else and they make the locations work in their favor, though there are some slim panels as you’d expect.

This chapter continues the shifting of gears as it’s all about the upcoming class trip. That has everyone excited about things and even Shiraishi is excited. Past class trips haven’t been great for him what with being invisible and all but here he’s looking forward to it as he has friends now and is really close with people and having fun with them. But he’s also concerned because he wants to spend time with Kubo and he sees how everyone is pairing up and talking of being with crushes and the like that haven’t been revealed yet. It’s simple silly high school stuff but it works well and highlights some of his anxiety. Especially when Kubo is happy about it and he thinks that her crush must be in the group as well. The obliviousness on both their parts continues to be a weird strength for the series that would frustrate a lot in other properties.

Where things get interesting is that as everyone heads to phys ed after this, we get Shiraishi spending time with Sudo and the talk about the trip naturally comes up. Sudo’s bluntness comes out in asking if he’s going to ask Kubo to spend time with her because he knows Shiraishi’s interested. That freaks out Shiraishi as you’d expect, but the whole thing takes a really great turn as Sudo basically reinforces to his friend that he’s a great guy. Shiraishi has a hard time seeing himself as that but Sudo’s quite clear that Shiraishi is someone who others would want and that he has to stop viewing himself in the way that he has. It’s really a great sequence as Sudo props him up with some strong and authentic support and reinforces that he should be going after Kubo because it’s who he likes and he’s a good guy. There’s such a great moment between these two in just how Sudo tries to get him to stop thinking of himself in a negative way, which Shiraishi needs as it comes to him way too naturally.

In Summary:
The adorableness of this series continues on in full strength here and they’re really setting us up to believe that the school trip will feature some pretty big moments. If we do get an actual confession I’ll be surprised but it will be a very welcome surprise as I think the series can go only so far with the will they or won’t they thing. It’s definitely a lot of fun but the real standout here is Sudo for not only understanding the truth of what’s going on but being so clear and up front. It’s a hard thing for people to hear and think of doing at times but there are areas where the world really needs it. Sudo’s definitely one to watch.

Content Grade: B
Art Grade: B
Text/Translation Grade: B

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Shonen Jump
Release Date: September 21st, 2022

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