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10th ‘My Isekai Life’ Anime Episode Previewed

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"You have been summoned to an alternate world!"
© Shinkoshoto / SB Creative ‘ Tensji Kenja Production Committee

We learned back in February 2021 that an anime adaptation of the light novel series Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life: Daini no Shokugyō o Ete, Sekai Saikyō ni Narimashita is in the works. This has a localization of The Reincarnated Sage’s Alternate World Life: I Got a Second Profession and Became the Most Powerful in the World.

With the series previously set with a premiere date of July 4th, 2022 on most of the main networks in Japan, the official site recently dropped the second preview of the tenth episode to get people excited about it. We missed this when it originally landed but wanted to include it as part of our ongoing coverage.

The show is directed by Keisuke Kojima, who also handled the character designs here, with Kiyotaka Suzuki assisting on direction. Naohiro Fukishima worked on the series composition while Norihito Saitama is the chief animation supervisor and also worked on the character designs.

The Japanese cast includes Chiaki Kobayashi as Yuji, Azumi Waki as Dryad, Wataru Takagi as Proudwolf, Hikaru Tono, Mai Kanno, Mikawa Haruna, Erisa Kuon, Nichika Omori, and Miharu Hanai.

Non Stop Rabbit is on board for the opening theme song while the ending theme song will be called “Gohan da yo! Dadadadan!!” which will be performed by Sura-chans△.

Sentai Filmworks picked up the series and it will be an exclusive on HIDIVE as part of their summer 2022 simulcast season.

The series from Shinkoshoto began in 2017 and has twelve volumes so far. A manga adaptation by LIVE JAM*POPO began in 2017 as well.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Getting isekai’d to a magical world and developing incredible powers is every otaku’s wildest dream, but for salaryman Yuji Sano, it’s the stuff of absolute nightmare! He’s in the middle of a mountain of work when he gets unwillingly pulled into a fantasy realm, where he accomplishes the enviable feat of developing a second character class by making the most of his Monster Tamer abilities. Now he’s traded the office for adventuring to make a living, but he keeps getting roped into major events because his powers are unmatched, second to none — and he doesn’t even realize it yet!

Previous promos and visuals:

© Shinkoshoto / SB Creative ‘ Tensji Kenja Production Committee
© Shinkoshoto / SB Creative ‘ Tensji Kenja Production Committee