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TC Entertainment Schedules ‘Child of Kamiari Month’ Anime DVD/BD/LE Releases

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A year after losing her mother, a little girl learns that she must journey across Japan to the annual gathering of gods in the sacred land of Izumo.

The third crowdfunding campaign went well for the Child of Kamiari Month anime feature film which saw an October 8th, 2021 debut in Japan thanks to our friend the Coronavirus. The folks at Netflix previously picked up the rights to the film and set a February 8th, 2022 release for it. The film is finally getting some home video release attention in Japan as an October 7th, 2022 date has been set for it. It’ll be coming out with three editions:

– BD LE: 6,800 yen + tax
– BD Reg: 4,700 yen + tax
– DVD Reg: 3,800 yen + tax

The limited edition comes with the interviews, promos, music videos, and trailers along with a booklet. The regular editions have trailers.

The Japanese cast includes Aju Makita as Kanna, Maaya Sakamoto as Shiro, Miyu Irino as Yato, Riko Nagase as Miki, Chafurin as Kotoshironushi, Wataru Takagi as Ryƫjin, Kou Shibasaki as Yayoi Hayama, and Arata Iura as Norimasa Hayama.

The project has an original concept by Takana Shirai working with Toshinari Shinohe. Shirai serves as the animation director while Haruka Sagawa is working on the character designs. Kazuya Sakamoto is credited as the creative director.

Plot Concept: The story centers on a girl named Kanna who loses her love of running after her mother passes away. Due to the workings of the gods, she heads to Izumo City. The anime’s setting is Izumo City in Shimane Prefecture and centers on Izumo Shrine and the Kamiari myth in the region. In the old Japanese calendar, the month of October is called “Kannazuki” (“the month of no gods”). But in Izumo, it is called “Kamiarizuki” (“the month of gods”) due to a legend that the myriad gods of Japan gather at Izumo Shrine during October. Other anime such as Kamichu! also portray this traditional belief.

Child of Kamiari Month LE Packaging
Child of Kamiari Month Blu-ray Cover

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