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Crunchyroll Adds ‘Konohana Kitan’ Anime Dub Streaming

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The service merger continues this week with Crunchyroll onboarding more properties from the Funimation legacy streaming service and the next one up is the Konohana Kitan anime series. The twelve-episode series has been available in its English subtitled form for awhile as this was a property that they split during a previous partnership and now the full series English dub has been added to the service.

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Hideko Okamoto directed it with the series composition by Takao Yoshioka. Keiko Kurosawa worked on the character designs and studio Lerche produced the animation.

The Japanese cast includes Yuuko Oono as Yuzu, Sawako Hata as Satsuki, Ayaka Suwa as Natsume, Risa Kubota as Ren, Ai Kakuma as Sakura, and Manami Numakura as Kiri.

The English language adaptation of the series has Jad Saxton and Clifford Chapin as the ADR directors working from the scripts by Deborah Crane. The main cast includes Lindsay Seidel as Yuzu, Dawn M. Bennett as Satsuki, Morgan Garrett as Kiri, Emily Fajardo as Natsume, Kate Oxley as Ren, and Jad Saxton as Sakura.

Plot Concept: Tucked away in a village inhabited by yokai is a beautiful hot spring inn waiting to greet travelers from all around. Working here are several cute fox mononoke, including their newest employee, Yuzu. Clumsy and a little oblivious, Yuzu charms everyone around her while learning what it takes to work in this high-class inn!