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Love After World Domination Episodes #11 – 12 Anime Review (Season Finale)

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© Hiroshi Noda, Takuhiro Wakamatsu, Kodansha / Koiseka Production Committee

What They Say:

“What’s the Point of Getting Closer?”

The masked Judgment Princess always eats on her own in the cafeteria, prompting Desumi to take interest in the solitary girl. But her invitation to the rest of the Princess Series to have a strategy meeting in her room turns out to be… a slumber party!

“Eternal Rivals”

Deep in Gekko headquarters, the birth of the Ultimate Phantom approaches. Meanwhile, a commercial opportunity for Fudo earns him Desumi’s ire. When Gekko’s ambitions lead to a world-threatening crisis, can the couple make up in time to fight back?!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
I’m going to start with Episode 12 for reasons I will talk about later in the review. The perfect world of Desumi and Fudo continues in paradise. Nothing can seemingly get in the way of their perfect happily ever after. Gelato and Gekko are fighting in the background. Fudo and Desumi enjoy their bask in the shadows, eating macarons as the balance of good and evil lie in the hands of others. Paradise has fallen for these individuals as Fudo’s stupidity takes center stage. He accepts a commercial where he has to dress up as a groom and cut a wedding cake with a popular actress. You only get one first chance to cut the wedding cake but Fudo doesn’t realize the significance until Desumi runs away and Haru has to lay it out in layman’s terms to him. As much as Fudo has grown, this just feels like an unexpected three steps back for him. You figure Fudo would learn his lesson by now.

Fudo’s mistakes have no comparison to the ones made by the Gekko Society. They had a long term but most of their appearances have been nonsense. They were meant for comedic relief but there needed to be some seriousness to their methods. They reach the finale somehow acquiring all the negative energy that they needed to create the ultimate monster. Their dream of world domination is at hand. The beast has been created but not all goes as planned for these poor saps. Of course, things will never go as planned but they screwed up big time. The monster destroys them, their base, and eats the bear and steel princess to absorb their powers. They right back where they started with their roles as misfits with no idea of what they have done or unleashed as the monster goes to destroy humanity.         

© Hiroshi Noda, Takuhiro Wakamatsu, Kodansha / Koiseka Production Committee

Once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up and what a glorious way up is. It has everything that has been missing from this show. The Gelato 5 finally get to assemble their super weapon. The princess team up with the forces of good to defeat the ultimate evil. The only problem is that they have been extremely worn down by their fight. The only ones capable of fighting are Fudo and the Desumi joining him to unleash the super weapon. Nothing stands in the way of their fight as they quickly resolve their problems. Good and evil being together has never felt so good. It is a bit of a letdown how their disagreement goes away. Their issues just can’t keep getting magically fixed. Their problems go away as they used the sword to cut the beast who has taken cake powers. There needs to be some permanent resolution to their problems.         

© Hiroshi Noda, Takuhiro Wakamatsu, Kodansha / Koiseka Production Committee

   With the good news out of the way, the bad news remains: Episode 11 just wasn’t worth watching. You can probably watch it for about eight minutes before it goes off the rails. The beginning had so much potential but it just loses any meaning What is the point of the beginning of this episode? It starts with the evil organization, Gekko defeats the Gelato 5. Is the world screwed over now that their protectors are gone? Who knows because the episode moves to the opening song and completely forgets about this event for the rest of the episode. Why even bother showing us this if you’re not going to touch on the defeat again? 

© Hiroshi Noda, Takuhiro Wakamatsu, Kodansha / Koiseka Production Committee

It gets more enjoyable as it moves to Desumi love taking over the show. She wants to get along with all the princesses and throws a sleepover. It’s more of her wanting to be the world a better place. One of the princesses, Judgement Princess, has kept to herself and that bothers Desumi. Love conquers all including the pain of being lonely. It is a statement of her character and how she progresses over this series.  

I would suggest shutting down episode 11 at the eleven-minute mark. From there it’s just incredibly weird and ridiculous. Nothing makes sense from this point on. Close your eyes and save your children. 

In Summary
Love After World Domination doesn’t end with domination but with the power of love conquering all. It all came together brilliantly as Fudo and Desumi overcame their struggles and misguidance to become a couple of love. Stupidity brings forth redemption, strength, and comedy. 

Episode 11 is probably the worst episode for Love After World Domination and it can just be skipped. There is no point in this episode. It was just a bunch of stuff thrown together and they just wanted to see what sticks. There wasn’t any cohesiveness to this episode. It didnt have the fun that any previous episode had. It just existed and a good 20 minutes went by like nothing. 

Grade for Episode 11: D-

Grade For Episode 12: B

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