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Love After World Domination Episode #10 Anime Review

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© Hiroshi Noda, Takuhiro Wakamatsu, Kodansha / Koiseka Production Committee

What They Say:
“Atop the Kokutei Moon”

Desumi invites Fudo to her high school culture festival, where they hope to have their picture taken atop the “Kokutei Moon.” But complications abound, as members of Gelato 5 and the Princess Series alike seem determined to foil the couple’s best-laid plans! 

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
High school festivals are a dime a dozen in anime, but Love After World Domination captures all the magic that makes them special. Desumi’s school is having its festival and there is a tradition that anyone that sits on the Kotukei Moon will be in an invincible relationship. So of course, Desumi wants to make sure that Fudo will be there. But as they will find out, the world isn’t always on your side. The relationship between Fudo and Desumi only grows stronger as they deal with the craziness of their friends. This episode provides some great challenges but it’s a warning of the dangers of what is to come. Relationships are not allowed with people of the same company whether that means the Gelato 5 or the Secret Society. The warning sides are being seen as the Steel Princess’s relationship with Bear is starting to be seen as inappropriate. How will the world react to the relationship of the two people representing good and evil?   

Nothing goes as planned for the lovely couple as others just invite themselves into the festival and others have other ideas of who should be in a romance and if romance should exist at all. The blue Gelato 5 ranger, Hayato Ojino, shows up and becomes the star of the show. All of the females’ eyes are on him. But his eyes are on a certain lady, Kiki, one of Desumi’s co-workers at the evil society. Unfortunately, she just wants to destroy all romance at the school and including Desumi and Fudo’s relationship, and utterly destroy Hayato physically and mentally. Anna wages war against Desumi to prevent her from being with any else. If Anna can’t have her, no one else will have her. Desumi runs into the nurse, Kira who happens to be part of the Princess Series. Why are all the members of evil society either students or workers in high school? For an evil organization that doesn’t make much sense. I just have to stop whenever this show presents an aspect that makes no sense but that means little in the grand scheme of things. 

In Summary
Love is a road of constant challenges and that road makes all the difference. Love After World Domination has picked a tricky road that has made Desumi and Fudo’s destination that much sweeter once they get there. But how much room is there left for growth? Desumi and Fudo hit a high pretty early on and the only direction they can go is down. 

Grade: B

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