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Top 20 Blu-ray Releases Week Ending May 28th, 2022

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Did you pick up something that charted this week?
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While a whole lot of us are very much deep into the world of streaming and many have moved past physical media overall, there’s still definitely a market there for it – and should be if you want to actually own a copy of something that doesn’t require being online to watch it. Even more so if you have data caps in your area!

The folks at Media Play have updated with the stats and changes for the week ending May 28th, 2022. Uncharted has slipped from first to second but that’s no surprise with the arrival of The Batman. The film takes the top spot but it’s also not one that’s bringing a lot with it, such as previous films or anything since it’s a fresh start/standalone piece. Also new this week is X from Lionsgate which lands in fourth while Studio 666 arrives at twelfth for Universal. New editions of some older films are getting some attention this week as well with Lifeforce getting a shiny Blu-ray edition from Shout! Factory while Arrow has gone and given us a luscious new release for Wild Things.

The rest of the chart are familiar titles for the most part with some things outside the top twenty sliding in as various sales take place and other collections move around.

Rank Previous Week Title Studio Index*
1 New The Batman Warner 100.00
2 1 Uncharted Sony Pictures 19.10
3 2 Spider-Man: No Way Home Sony Pictures/Marvel 13.08
4 New X Lionsgate 11.46
5 13 Dune: Part One Warner 10.07
6 14 No Time to Die Universal/MGM 7.17
7 3 Belle Shout! Factory/GKIDS 6.97
8 9 Top Gun Paramount 6.70
9 5 Dog Warner/MGM 6.23
10 4 Infinite Paramount 5.53
11 11 Sing 2 Universal 3.66
12 New Studio 666 Universal 3.45
13 6 Turning Red Disney 3.10
14 27 The Matrix Resurrections Warner 2.81
15 16 Moonfall Lionsgate 2.59
16 61 The Suicide Squad Warner 2.56
17 43 Zack Snyder’s Justice League Warner 2.43
18 12 Spider-Man 3-Movie Collection (MCU) Sony Pictures/Marvel 2.41
19 New Lifeforce Shout! Factory 2.26
20 New Wild Things MVD/Arrow 2.12

[Source: Media Play News]