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‘Anime Supremacy!’ Live-Action Film Reveals Latest Trailer

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More than just a window into an entertainment niche, here's a kickass ode to work.
©️ 2022 映画「ハケンアニメ!」製作委員会

A new live-action film of interest is on the way as we learned back in November 2021 that Mizuki Tsujimura’s Anime Supremacy! is in production with a planned May 2022 premiere date. The film was recently set with a May 20th, 2022 premiere date scheduled for it and now a new 90-second trailer has landed for it. This one gives us a good mix of the anime from the film itself with the live-action side that really looks intriguing.

The film has Kohei Yoshino directing it based on the screenplay by Yosuke Masaike with Toei Tokyo Film Studio handling it. Toei will distribute the film.

The live-action cast so far includes Riho Yoshioka, Tomoya Nakamura, Tasuku Emoto, and Machiko Ono.

With the film having an in-story anime element to it, the official site has now revealed the cast for that section of it with Yuuki Kaji as Ryūichi, Megumi Han as Takaya, Rie Takahashi as Jūri, Kana Hanazawa as Kiyora, Hina Kino as Mayu, Sho Hayami as Kanade no Ishi, Yui Horie as Del, Yu Kobayashi as Shiori, Romi Park as Narrator, Reina Kondo as Nanaka, Nanami Tomaru as Kei, and Sayaka Ohashi as Yūki.

The anime element is being directed by Azuma Tani with Eisaku Kubonouchi handling the character designs.

Vertical brought the novel in October 2017.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Japanese animation—the globally acclaimed, family-friendly theatrical features are the exception rather than the rule for a TV-oriented industry that has been pushed into late-night slots in an era of fragmented audiences. When only three titles among fifty might turn a profit, topping the charts is hardly an overambitious aim.

Yet as three women, a producer, a director, and an animator, survive in a business infamous for its murderous schedules, demoralizing compromises, and incorrigible men, moments of uplift emerge against all odds—and how. More than just a window into an entertainment niche, here’s a kickass ode to work.

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