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‘3-Seconds Later, A Wild Beast: The Man in the Corner at the Mixer Was Indecently Carnivorous’ Anime DVD/BD Releases Scheduled

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AnimeFesta scores another!

With ComicFesta Anime having changed its designation to AnimeFesta, we learned previously that they secured their next property to adapt with Coa Momose’s 3-byō Ato, Yajū.: Gōkon de Suma ni Ita Kare wa Midara na Nikushoku Deshita, aka 3-Seconds Later, A Wild Beast.: The Man in the Corner at the Mixer Was Indecently Carnivorous.

With making an April 3rd, 2022 streaming debut, the official site has now revealed the home video release side. The series is set for a July 27th, 2022 release where the broadcast version on DVD is priced at 5,800 yen while the NSFW version is priced at 6,800 yen. The Blu-ray is the NSFW edition and is priced at 7,800 yen. You can see the NSFW cover art through the link below.

Ryo Nakamura is directing it based on the scripts by Date Tsuyama. Kuribayashi-Waeisu-Jūgo is handling the character design while Taeko Ogi is serving as the chief animation director.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Shougo Yano (on-air) and Kaiōraku (premium) as Kaname Tōjō
  • Riho Sugiyama (on-air) and Eikan-Shokora (Chocolat) (premium) as Tsumugi Kume
  • Yūya Hirose (on-air) and Yūma Aoi (premium) as Yūto Azusawa

It began earlier in 2021 and is being released in English through Coolmic.

Plot Concept: The “teens love” manga centers on Tsumugi, a female college student who carries trauma from an aggressive man in her past. She meets Kaname at a mixer she requested specifically for unaggressive “herbivore”-type men. She and Kaname hit it off, and Kaname resembles Tsumugi’s older brother a little bit, so she relaxes her guard around him. Kaname, however, feigns to be a “herbivore”-type man, but is in reality an aggressive “carnivore”-type man, and he can change his demeanor in an instant.

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