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It’s Bottoms Away With A New ‘Buttocks Detective’ Anime Feature Film Trailer

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Just what the world was waiting for.

The anime adaptation of the children’s series Oshiri Tantei, aka Buttocks Detective got underway back in 2018 but that was not the end of it. With a good chunk of TV material out there, a new standalone anime feature film was announced for it back in December 2021. It’s been mostly quiet since then but with the film opening in March 18th, 2022, a new trailer for it has arrived that plays to some grandiose music to say the least.

The fourth film for the property, it’s called Shiriarty and will be directed by Yuriko Kado. Katsuhiko Chiba is on board for the screenplay with Hideaki Maniwa handling the character designs. Toei Animation is handling the production.

The Japanese cast includes Yuko Sanpei as Butt Detective and Ayaka Saito as Brown. They’re joined by Masaharu Fukuyama as Shiriarty and Mie Sonozaki as Audrey.

The books come from writer/illustrator Troll that gives us a lead character that’s basically a talking butt that’s a detective. Seriously, how can that not win you over?

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