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Discotek Media Acquires ‘Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger’ Anime With SDBD Plans

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Ginga Shippuu Sasuraiger Japanese Volume 1 Cover

Back in 2018, the folks at TC Entertainment brought out the Ginga Shippu Sasuraiger property with two Blu-ray box set releases. Those sets were priced at 20,000 yen each, the first arrived on July 27th, 2018 with twenty-two episodes while the second comes on August 31st, 2018 with twenty-one episodes for the full forty-three-episode run.

Now, Discotek Media is dipping back in this larger world of properties with the final chapter in the J9 saga. They’ve picked up the property for release later in 2022 where it’ll be in Japanese with English subtitles and will include a promo clip as an extra. The distributor does note that there aren’t great masters for this one but what they have is the best that’s available.

The series, originally airing in 1983 and 1984, had Takao Yotsuji as the chief director with Yu Yamamoto handling the scripts. Kazuo Komatsubara worked on the character designs with animation production done by Kokusai Eigasha.

The Japanese cast includes Kazuyuki Sogabe as I.C. Blues, Kaneto Shiozawa as Rock, Katsuji Mori as Beat, and Youko Asagami as Birdie.

Plot Concept: It is 2911 and the solar system is made up of 50 planets. I.C Blues, a gambler, makes a bet with the boss of a criminal syndicate known as Bloody God that it is possible to navigate the whole solar system in one year. Helping out Blues is J9-III, made up of Rock, Beat, and Birdy. To clear any obstacles, they have the transforming train-robot Sasuraiger. But the Bloody Syndicate will do anything to ensure the Blues loses the bet.