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We Have Demons #3 Review

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A deeper look at what's going on.

The first arc finishes out in a big way.

Creative Staff:
Story: Scott Snyder
Art: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion
Colors: Dave McCraig
Letterer: Tom Napolitano

What They Say:
Faith is put to the ultimate test as Lam and Gus face the demons of their past. The angelic and demonic forces of the world collide in this showstopping first arc’s finale!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
We Have Demons was the first series in Scott Snyder’s line of books he’s doing with ComiXology Originals and the first two issues really set things up well, gave us a lot of backstory and action, but also managed to push things forward with expansion and setting up the larger storyline. With a bit more of a gap between issues than there should have been, the third installment closest out the first arc in a really strong way. Snyder is working with long time partner and collaborator Greg Capullo and the two are clearly having a blast with this as it’s chock full of good stuff across the board. There’s a good mix of exposition to be had here that sets up a lot of the foundations of this world and this allows Capullo to really do some great layouts and storytelling through the artwork.

With the reveal of the demon supposedly being Lam’s father and that the whole thing is one massive trap to try and draw in the remaining Glories, there’s a lot of emotion going into this installment. Lam’s not exactly confused by what the demon is doing and the others are certainly panicking as is natural, but there’s also still a certainty on Lam’s part about the arrival of more Halo material. While she does struggle with hearing her father and his thoughts within the demon, and knowing that it’s not him, she’s left in that conflicted state where she does have to listen to him at his core about the faith in one’s self that you need. The resulting fight that we get between just the two of them is strong, even if appropriately quick, and it shows a strong resolve on her part to do what’s necessary here.

What we end up with is the team having to decide what to do since they believe Cash was only telling lies. With Lam and June staying behind as Lam believes Halo is coming, the rest are set to head out. This brings us to the main finale of the first arc where we see how there are a good host of demons there that are truly ready to manipulate – Gus, in particular, being a target – and we get the confirmation basically that the demons have done this for ages in order to destroy the Halo so the Glories would continue to shrink and die off. It’s a strong action sequence with some great betrayal moments along the way and a chance for the remaining Glories to really come together and fight with everything on the table. It does do what it needs to in order to shift everything into a better place going forward, to be able to carry on with the fight, but it does it really well.

In Summary:
The opening three issues here feel like something that might have been six issues elsewhere but I really appreciate it being done in this tighter form here because it is designed with a level of intensity to it. The epilogue is pretty straightforward and expected in how we see the Glories shifting a year after the events here and I definitely love having that moment. The crux of things in this issue is, once again, all on Lam but that’s no surprise as the real lead of the series. She stands well on her own as needed but she’s also great support to Gus along the way and serves as a strong example to the Glories overall. I really enjoyed this run and definitely am hoping for more as both Snyder and Capullo overdelivered with this release for me based on expectations.

If there’s an area to take issue with here, it’s on the ComiXology side as they really need to have a way for Unlimited members to subscribe to the book so that when new installments arrive they show up in My Books. If you don’t pay attention and check weekly, you never know when the latest issue actually arrives.

Grade: A-

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: Best Jackett Press / ComiXology Originals
Release Date: January 18th, 2022
MSRP: $4.99