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Sunrise Schedules ‘Xabungle’ Anime Blu-ray Collections

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The classic gets a new lease on life!

XabungleThe Xabungle property has been an interesting one over the last few years as we’ve seen it released in North America through Sentai Filmworks as an SDBD release and it’s seen some streaming as well. It’s been forever since it saw a DVD release in Japan so it’s been largely out of print there for at least the past decade I believe. Now, Sunrise is getting things together for a release with the first blush plans with formal solicitations coming later.

The plan for now is to bring it out as two Blu-ray box sets – it’s unclear if it’s an upscale or something else – with a March 2022 release for the first half of twenty-five episodes and a summer 2022 debut for the back half of twenty-five episodes. The first set is listed at 33,000 yen and the second at 39,600 yen. Details will be coming when it’s formally solicited to retailers with firm dates.

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The show originally aired in 1982 for fifty episodes from Nippon Sunrise with Yoshiyuki Tomino serving as the director, which got it a lot of attention.

Plot Concept: On the planet Zora, there are two societies: the Innocent and the Civilians. Jiron Amos seeks revenge against the outlaw who killed his parents, but in a world where Civilian crimes are forgiven if they’re not brought to justice within three days, there’s little he can do. Taking his revenge into his own hands, Jiron steals the mecha Xabungle and teams up with a group of bandits, the Sandrats. As his quest continues, Jiron’s actions sow the seeds of rebellion against the Innocent.

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