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First ‘Mobile Suit Gundam AGE’ Anime Blu-ray Box Set Scheduled

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A Blu-ray box set costs how much?!
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The Mobile Suit Gundam AGE series has seen a couple of collections released for North American audiences previously through Nozomi Entertainment, but in Japan, well, things have not gone as well. The last the property saw of the main TV series was the original thirteen-volume run that wrapped up in 2013 or thereabouts.

Now, Bandai Namco is back to the property with a big complete box set coming for it, though this one looks to be sans English subtitles that a lot of other Gundam sets have. This set is listed as containing the full TV series and the OVA and will be released on February 25th, 2022. The price? 40,000 yen!

It looks like it’ll be done across eleven discs that include new commentaries being recorded for it – check out the cast/episode breakdown here. It will also come with a drama CD and a booklet. Additional extras include the clean opening and closings, promos, and commercials.

Originally airing in 2011, the series was directed by Susumu Yamaguchi based on the composition by Akihiro Hino. Takuzo Nagano did the original character designs while Michinori Chiba adapted them for the screen.

Plot Concept: Three destinies will form history…

Hundreds of years have passed since the space colonies were settled and the space age began. The wars that were once fought for control of the Earth Sphere had ended, and it seemed that an era of peace had arrived. But this fleeting peace has now collapsed. In the year A.G. (Advanced Generation) 101, the space colony Angel is attacked and destroyed by a mysterious “UE (Unknown Enemy)” that suddenly appears. This disaster, which produces many casualties, is later known as “The Day Angel Fell.” The UE will continue to threaten the people of the Earth Sphere for many years to come.

[Source: Gundam Age]

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