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Delatmac Details ‘Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust’ Release Plans

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Taiwanese distributor Delatmac has picked up the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust feature film for release with it now scheduled to arrive on November 19th, 2021. With standard DVD and Blu-ray editions in the works, they’ll be priced at $22.99 and $40.99 respectively based on current exchange rates. The releases come with the English language track along with English and Traditional Chinses subtitles. Extras include the behind-the-scenes featurette, a storyboard piece, and an art collection.

I don’t believe the film had an official release in Taiwan previously but we’ve seen Australian, UK, and Korean releases while Urban Vision originally released it in North America. Discotek Media rescued the license a couple of years ago for release here.

Check out our review of the North American release.

Plot concept: Baron Meier Link is of a dying race, but the vampire doesn’t intend to remain lonely much longer. Abducting women in the night is common for his kind, so what’s one more? But Charlotte’s father has plenty of money, and there’s no price he won’t pay to get his daughter back. That’s why he hires D.

D is a Dunpeal, a breed rarer than that of the vampires – after all, he’s half of one. When it comes to hunting those with fangs like his own, he’s the best in the business. But that doesn’t mean he’s the only game in town. The Markus Brothers are on the vampire’s trail as well, and they’re not about to lose. It’s a race, not only between the rival Hunters, but for the vampire and his bride-to-be. But it might be more than just a job to D. Is Charlotte really a captive? Or will another Dunpeal be born to this world?

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