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AsianCrush Adds ‘Dear Brother’ Anime Streaming

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16-year-old Nanako Misonoo, who attends a prestigious academy, deals with the drama and gossip of high school life via writing letters to her "brother".
Dear Brother
Dear Brother

The anime series Dear Brother saw release in limited form in North America previously on DVD through Anime Sols but it’s long been out of print at this point. The folks at AsianCrush have been working on getting the materials right to stream the show and now all 39-episodes are available on the service up for streaming here.

The series features the opening theme “Kin no Utsuwa, Gin no Utsuwa” by Satomi Takada and the closing theme “Kimagure na Yousei” by Takako Noda.

Known as Oniisama e… in its original Japanese release, it’s based on the three-volume shojo manga series by Riyoko Ikeda that was published back in 1975. The anime adaptation didn’t come until 1991 where it ran for thirty-nine episodes at Tezuka Productions with the incomparable Osamu Dezaki directing it for the company.

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Plot concept: Seiran Girl’s High School’s sorority is the most prestigious social group on campus. When Nanako gets invited to join, it seems like a dream come true. But she will soon discover the cost of popularity, in this classic shoujo drama by the same creator as Rose of Versailles.