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Kentarou Miura’s ‘Berserk’ Manga Getting Another Chapter

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The loss of a true talent.

Berserk Volume 1The death earlier this year of Kentarou Miura is one that haunts a lot of fans of his work as he was one of those very talented writers/artists out there. With the Berserk manga considered finished because of this, it’s not too much of a surprise that a little more would still come out as there were in-progress pieces and the team he worked with likely finishing things out. Young Animal magazine has revealed that the September 10th, 2021 installment of the magazine will feature the “latest” chapter of the manga and include a full-color page for it, chapter 365.

The issue is also serving as a memorial issue to Miura with a special booklet and a poster of famous scenes from the manga.

I’m admittedly on the fence about this because we have seen authors/artists work to complete a project of someone that has passed away in different fields before, and the team he worked with likely has a lot of work that’s in various stages that can be dealt with for a few more chapters perhaps. I’d honestly love to see them, if they know the thrust of where he was going, to take up his mantle and carry the title forward.

Miura had several works over the years and began his career in 1985. 1989 saw the formal ongoing launch of the Berserk manga that he’s the most well-known for, which has over 40 million copies in print and generated a couple of anime TV series and a feature film trilogy that got a lot of worldwide exposure.

Dark Horse Comics handles the distribution of his manga in English.

Property Concept: The series follows Guts, a superhumanly strong warrior who wields a large sword, as he wanders a dark medieval world filled with demons, corrupt and decadent nobles, and other horrors. Every night, he is assailed by demons, attracted to the curse branded on him after a traumatic event. He makes his way through the world on a quest to slay a former friend turned demon, who took everything away from him.

[Source: ANN]

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