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Out Of Body #3 Review

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Out of Body has been building solidly with what it's doing from the opening pages

“Flowers of Evil”

Creative Staff:
Story: Peter Milligan
Art: Inaki Miranda
Colors: Eva De La Cruz
Letterer: Sal Cipriano

What They Say:
With only one week to go before the hospital turns off his life support, psychologist Dan Collins’ astral projection turns detective to find out who tried to kill him – only to make a shocking discovery that changes everything.

Why does ex-colleague Milton Maine want to kill Dan? Why has sorcerer August Fryne captured the lost soul of one of Dan’s ex-patients? Difficult questions, impossible answers and psychedelic madness – all this and more in Out of Body Three!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
With a couple of issues behind us now, it’s been a delight to get back into Peter Milligan’s style and the story itself. Things have gotten to that point where we understand the basics and rules of this world with more to learn along the way, but it has a cohesiveness and characters that we know and understand. So watching the plot unfold more and adding in new twists definitely ups the excitement. The talented artist Inaki Miranda who has a sprawling project underway elsewhere at AfterShock continues to put in some fantastic pages here that really do find some great little hooks to draw the eye toward. I really like how the astral side to things are being presented and just the way it all creates a mood with the multicolored pieces of it, which are really well-colored by Eva De La Cruz that helps to make it all the more interesting to read.

With Dan having something like a week left until the money runs out, as it’s all tied up in the institute, and his life support is turned off, it’s looking grim for him to be sure. He’s running out of hope for those that he works with and spends his time with as the more he learns about them the more he’s realizing he didn’t have real relationships with them. When he focuses on his friend Ryan and the night of the attack, he finds that Ryan is completely in love with Jodie and has never cheated on him. He’s just completely smitten. Which makes Dan’s own affair with Jodie even worse. But what turns the screw on him more is discovering that Jodie is sleeping with someone else as well, Milton, and it’s clear to Dan that it’s all about position and power at the institute that she’s firming up more than anything else.

But it’s exactly what puts him into a bad spiral mentally about it, which is never a good thing when you’re in astral form. Especially as there’s the guy in the diving suit that’s haunting him a bit as a way to get to Abi as they’ve got plans for her. What’s interesting in this is that it has them tackling something new, someone who died by suicide some time ago that Dan had been treating. Because of his situation he’s lost in the place between and that means that these folks can pick him up after Dan stumbles across him and realizes what’s going on. It’s obvious bait to draw Dan in and he recognizes it enough, but it helps to showcase more of what’s going on with Abi and how she’s running her life and trying to do right by people with her abilities. It’s also another way to slowly bond her with Dan a bit, though I like the kind of awkward nature of their relationship.

In Summary:
Out of Body has been building solidly with what it’s doing from the opening pages and I’m really enjoying it. It’s put together well with teases and hints of what’s to come but it’s all coming together really naturally. I like Dan’s growing sense of panic but also how he’s compartmentalizing things, such as what he discovers with Jodie. Milligan’s script delivers the goods here and Miranda again gives us a really great looking book, from the normal to the supernatural.

Grade: B

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: AfterShock Comics
Release Date: August 4th, 2021
MSRP: $3.99

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