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Jenny Zero #4 Review

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Jenny Zero is mostly about the action here and it's a decent bit of fun.

All-out battle!

Creative Staff:
Story: Dave Dwonch, Brockton McKinney
Art: Magenta King
Colors: Megan Huang
Letterer: Dave Dwonch

What They Say:
It’s a giant Jenny Zero with a helluva buzz versus a gargantuan robo-mech manned by the Action Science Police in the biggest fight this side of Godzilla–and the winner takes ALL! The secret of ”Dean Martin” the dog is revealed as the ultimate battle wages for the most prized possession on Earth-Jenny’s life!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Dave Dwonch and Brockton McKinney provided more story as the series has gone on that has made it interesting, though that opening issue had just enough bonkers stuff to make sure I’d come back for more to see what’s going on. It’s built up nicely since then and this installment adds well to it. As I’ve felt, it’s a crazy mix of western comics and Japanese manga with a flair of European style mixed in that definitely worked well both in story and visual design. Magenta King and their artwork continue to be one of the best parts of the series and that definitely plays to the mix of styles in a good way with a lot of detail and some solid flow to the panels and layouts.

While we do get some story teases toward the end that really sets up for an interesting issue the next time around, the bulk of this issue is all about the action. Jenny’s time working with Aiko has helped her to understand her powers a bit more and now we see her towering over everyone else and smacking around the lead ASP guy pretty well. While he’s able to get a few hits in himself from time to time, the reality is that she’s just overpowered in comparison and her flicking him around the place really does push him over the edge. Which is amusing since he calls in the big forces, the Mecha Commander 1 mecha which looks like the old Shogun-style toys. It’s able to provide pushback against Jenny but it’s going to suffer for the same reason as the other ASP folks; it’s piloted by two ordinary people.

They are able to get some good hits in as well with Jenny and we get the side-comedy of one of the pilots two weeks away from retirement and looking forward to what’s to come in his life. Which, naturally, means Jenny will end up utterly crushing his body in a return attack. But that’s not before the dog, Dean Martin, appears to have turned giant himself and getting into the action. Dean is an absolute blast to watch here as he just plays with the giant robot for a bit but just for the surreal aspect of everything. It’s what gets Jenny back in the game for a full-on fight when you get down to it and it’s a lot of good silliness to watch play out.

In Summary:
Jenny Zero is mostly about the action here and it’s a decent bit of fun. It has the wild kind of loose approach to the artwork that fits well for the blending of style and just how Jenny herself operates in the world. The end brings us some new things that will reshape the story going into the next issue and seeing Jenny brought into the ASP, not completely of her own volition, is going to make for an interesting experience for all involved there.

Grade: B

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: August 4th, 2021
MSRP: $3.99

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