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Back Arrow Episode #23 Anime Review

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All roads lead to God but his arrival comes a bit too late
© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

What They Say:
“Does Destruction Rain From the Heavens?”

The crew leaves Lingalind behind and heads towards Epitaph Mountain. However, their way is thwarted by new and old threats which endanger the whole world.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
It’s been so long and it’s felt like an impossible dream but characters are finally interacting and having fun with each other. All it took is an end of the world crisis to get them to lighten up. Bit is finally the man that he has portrayed himself having come face to face with God’s disciple without a scratch. As the main crew prepares for the final battle, Bit can finally claim to be the hero that he always portrayed himself to be. He leaves the young child villagers of Edger with a marvelous speech that the day will come that it will be their turn to protect their land.  

Kai Rhodan, Ren Sin, and Shu Bi are finally reunited as friends and it feels like all’s right with the universe. They finally get a moment to rekindle their lost friendship. Out of all of them, it’s Kai Rhodan who has made the most progress towards the future. Kai Rhodan finally figured out Shu Bi hid his scar in a shocking moment for him. Part of the magic is that although there’s a new side to Kai, at the core he still remains the same boy who dreamed of a better tomorrow. He made Back Arrow come to terms with his horrific actions and made him step back into the land of the living. Shu Bi remains the insufferable know-it-all that we grew to love. The romance has been sparse and all of a sudden it’s everywhere. Ren Sin has a crush on one of the boys but she isn’t saying who because of how dense they are. She was flabbergasted at how stupid they can be. For how smart these two are, they simply can’t figure out a woman’s heart. Shu isn’t winning any battles with the ladies as he and Princess Fine are watching Back Arrow pull out a bunny of a hat and foil Rudolph’s plans. Princess Fine knocks down his intellectual theories with the simple concept that Back Arrow was able to do it because of the power of love. 

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

Rudolph was certainly not going to be killed so simply. He finally returns with a personal vendetta against all of Lingalind. Most of his plans have gone down the drain so he is gone with the nuclear actions and unleashes the apocalypse on Lingalind. He may appear unkillable but he can die and then come back to life moments later. To continue setting the kitchen on fire, Rudolph unleashes all of his powers and his true form. As hell breaks loose on Rudolph, his calm demeanor starts to shatter, finally demonstrating that he was just a small part of the greater scheme of things.

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

The crew enters God’s domain for the battle of their lives. I was worried for a second but God is real and he brings some interesting questions with him.   He appears to be a relative/clone or the original/parallel version of Back Arrow. This revelation should be fully delved into and explored for all its worth but considering the series ends in one episode there isn’t a lot of room for that. The dynamics of how these two are connected should be touched upon  

In Summary:
All roads lead to God but his arrival comes a bit too late to take advantage of what God should represent. God has typically been the final obstacle in JRPG’s and appears near the end but not just moments before the end. As the series has progressed the mecha battles have become more impressive with each passing episode. It’s not just that bigger and bigger mecha are revealed.   

Streamed By: Funimation 

Grade: A