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Kadokawa Reveals Final ‘Redo of Healer’ Anime DVD/BD Release Packaging

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Check out the latest on the home video release plans.
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The winter 2021 anime adaptation of the light novel series Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi: Sokushi Mahō to Skill Copy no Chōetsu Heal from Rui Tsukiyo is localized as Redo of Healer. Kadokawa is handling the home video release distribution in Japan and has set a three-volume release that began on March 24th, 2021. With the third and final volume coming up earlier this week on May 26th, 2021, we now have the full packaging spread for that set to check out. The DVDs are priced at 11,000 yen each and the Blu-rays at 13,000 yen. The first volume also has a limited edition at 23,000 yen. Check out the full schedule below.

Takuya Asaoka will be directing it based on the scripts by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. Junji Goto is on board for the character designs with TNK animating it.

The Japanese main cast includes Yūya Hozumi as Keyarga, Ayano Shibuya as Freya, Shizuka Ishigami as Setsuna, Natsumi Takamori as Eve, Minami Tsuda as Norn, Natsuki Aikawa as Kureha, Tetsu Inada as Brett, and Mami Fujita as Blade.

The opening theme song “Zankoku na Yume to Nemure” will be performed by Minami Kuribayashi while the ending theme song “Yume de Sekai wo Kaeru nara” will be performed by ARCANA PROJECT.

The light novel series began being published by Kadokawa in 2017 with six volumes released so far. A manga adaptation by Soken Haga began in 2017 as well and has four volumes out so far.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: In a dark world of monsters, adventurers, and mages, some of the most gifted healers are subjugated to brute force even by the hands of their compatriots. But one mage, Kayal, gains the ability to rewind time, turn the tables, and right all wrongs.

Volume Date Extras
1 03/24/21 Booklet, Bonus CD, Clean Opening, Clean Closing / Limited Edition: Bonus CD
2 04/28/21 Booklet, Bonus CD, Clean Closing
3 05/26/21 Booklet, Bonus CD, Commercials
Redo of Healer Japanese Volume 3 Packaging
Redo of Healer Japanese Volume 2 Packaging
Redo of Healer Japanese Volume 1 Packaging

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