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Back Arrow Episode #21 Anime Review

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© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

What They Say:
“Who Will Stop Me”

Bit joins the fight and unleashes Shu’s secret weapon. But when Rudolph gets serious, do the forces of Lingalind have what it takes to overthrow God’s helping hand?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The show’s most ridiculous and lamest character has finally become one of the most entertaining and strongest. That one character that everyone looked down upon and even laughed at in front of his face has had a metamorphosis and morphed into a giant butterfly. Even Bit has fun with his previous role as a laughing stock and makes the best of who he is now. Going to Gurren Lagann territory you had a character like Kamina whose radiant personality brought out the best in everyone. And then you have the antonym in Bit, whose lackluster attitude brought out the best in everyone. 

With Bit in the helm of the Granedger dreadnought, he embraces the fun that a mecha battle should be. As he keeps butting into Rudolph, he throws out whatever name that he thinks of for his attacks. He destroys Rudolph’s second briheight from being at full potential. This sudden turn of events restores everyone’s spirits and turns Rudolph’s one-sided demolition into a war with hope on both sides. To add to the madness, Bit combines the already enormous dreadnought, Granedger with Rekka’s to form an immeasurable dreadnought that marks the end of the beginning for Rudolph.   

Above Bit, you have Zetsu whose mere presence is enough to scare the heavens. Zetsu turned Back Arrow’s curse into his greatest weapon. Zetsu is making short work of Rudolph and is reducing him to ashes. In a scene similar to Mortal Kombat when it would the “finish him” move, Zetsu rips out the bind warpers from Rudolph’s stomach as if they were his intestines. His battle with Rudolph has been worth the wait. A battle with this many stakes is going to have consequences. This battle and having to bear Back Arrow’s curse takes all of Zetsu’s life force and his life comes to an end. Before doing so, he encourages Kai Rhodan and the next generation to follow his examples and move forward relentlessly.    

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

Back Arrow is near the finish line and it still puts forward some exciting surprises. It’s kind of expected that Shu wouldn’t have died so easily. He comes back literally in an enormous fashion. He came back being as big as a briheight. Are we going to see some mecha vs giant humans actions? It would be intriguing seeing how Shu would even fight against Kai and Back Arrow. The other not-so-surprising aspect is that Rudolph is probably still alive. God played his card with Rudolph but it’s gotten to the point where he should be revealed.  

In Summary:
All of the pieces are assembled to deliver a majestic episode. The mecha battles are finally out in full force as this show embraces the wackiness that it has been missing. Zetsu has been one of this show’s leading characters with his unshakable ideal. His final performance is worthy of everything that he has built and a perfect representation of Rekka’s ideals. His legacy has been inherited by two fine individuals, Bit and Kai Rhodan who are going to make an exciting path forward. 

Grade: A

Streamed By: Funimation