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Zombie Land Saga REVENGE Episodes #06 – 07 Anime Review

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The Legendary Tae Yamada and the Maimai-Sue.
Zombie Land Saga REVENGE Episodes #06

The Legendary Tae Yamada and the Maimai-Sue.

What They Say:
Episode #6: “Walking Bet SAGA”
Franchouchou’s REVENGE is drawing ever closer, but as long as they remain in debt, it’s going to seem out of reach. In the meantime, Tae heads into town to run some errands in a way that nobody else could!

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

We have been waiting for a Tae-focused episode this whole time, but we don’t so much get her backstory or an awakening here. No, we get a slice-of-life adventure with our favorite socially deficient zombie.

With a mission to run some errands, Tae heads out into the world. It turns out that the local community is very fond of Tae. Everyone seems to know her and her eccentric ways. I have to wonder if they just think that she’s suffering from a traumatic brain injury. She does draw the attention of one person though, the reporter who has been following the rise of Franchouchou. So he starts to tail her as she goes about her day.

This episode goes places I never thought it would, honestly. I didn’t expect to see those girls from Saki’s season 1 episode again in this context. Nor was I expecting a dance competition in the street. I was honestly shocked that in a show so full of CG dance routines, the dance competition was all hand-drawn. I was also impressed by the sheer number of callbacks in this episode to the first season. I didn’t think we’d be seeing some of these characters again, especially the chicken mascot.

From there things only get stranger and the whole thing becomes almost a Ferris Bueller type situation. Tae has amazingly good luck, and her accidentally winning the dance competition leads to that sleazy cop bringing the young girls to the track to spend their money on… wait, that’s not a track. That’s a water arena? With boat races? Is this a thing? (Yes, it’s a thing!)

With that wild turn of events, the girl’s debt problem has been solved. And the path to that resolution was wildly entertaining.

We may never get Tae’s backstory in the show. There’s a reason for that, it turns out there is a side comic that just started that does deal with Tae’s life before death. I don’t know if her past could ever live up to the hype we’ve built up in our minds for her though.

Episode Grade: A –

What They Say:
Episode #7: “Maimai Revolution SAGA”

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

This episode has perhaps the greatest opening for the second season. In a silly series of circumstances, we are introduced to a middle-school girl who has a happy middle school life. She breaks her glasses and stumbles into the wrong bathhouse door. Slipping on a bar of soap we watch history replay itself as a heavy metal riff starts up and Kotaro watches a naked young woman die before his shocked eyes.

Hilarity ensues. This also pretty much confirms just how weirdly innocent and kind Kotaro really is as he panics about this girl who just died and how he has to now turn into a zombie and of course she has to join the group! (Apparently, there is a zombie machine? Did I hear that right, Kotaro?) May we introduce Maimai, oh and Kotaro messed up, she’s still alive and now knows the secret of the girls.

There’s no easy way to say this… Maimai is a Mary-Sue. (Someone basically wrote a thesis on Mary Sues which should be required reading.)  We have the nobody girl who happens to be a huge fan of Franchouchou fumble her way into the group by chance. She’s a complete and hopeless klutz but manages to work her way from disaster to competent dancer in record time. She even manages to talk the others into accepting her as a new member and perhaps the live stand-in that they might need. She is genki, she has glasses, she has the biggest boobs of any of the girls! She’s going to save the school festival by booking Franchouchou!

Simply put, she’s a latecomer, an interloper, and her presence is unearned. Like any Mary Sue, she makes her graceful exist at the end of the story having imparted to the viewer the knowledge that what makes Franchouchou special is that their perseverance and desire to perform is literally the only thing that is keeping them going. They’ve lived their lives, their deaths are show business.

Or something like that, I didn’t quite get the argument she was making and I’m not sure the zombie girls quite got it either. But as long as their secret is safe then Maimai is free to walk away and return to being just another face in the crowd. I can’t help but feel the whole situation was a waste of time, although it did give the group a chance to perform in front of the youths.

More importantly, the stinger for this episode shows that the reporter that has been seen off and on throughout the series has finally researched all the girls and discovered that the going theory that Kotaro was casting lookalikes of famous dead girls is dead wrong. It remains to be seen what he’ll do with this scoop though.

Episode Grade: B

In Summary:
We finally get a Tae episode and it’s nothing like I was expecting. No, we still don’t really get answers to her past or anything, but we do understand how she’s managed to survive the afterlife up until now. (Dumb luck mostly.) As for the dramatic rise and fall of Maimai, well… I probably could have done without. At least it gives us some hilarious moments. More importantly, the reporter is on to our zombie girls, and next episode we get the backstory for our second most mysterious group member!

Streamed by: Crunchyroll & Funimation

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