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Back Arrow Episode #20 Anime Review

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The rules have been fully thrown out the window and the show is all the better for it.
© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

What They Say:
“Does People’s Anger Reach God”

As the Granedger’s loss shatters Elsha’s confidence, the world strikes back at the pawns of god who orchestrated all the chaos and destruction.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Just when things were looking up for the Granedger crew, reality comes crashing down on them hard. Shu Bi’s death was just the cherry on top. To add insult to injury, Back Arrow is forcibly given a new Bind Warper and regains his briheight to resume his cursed mission to wipe out Lingalind. These new revelations are supposed to make Back Arrow feel like a sympathetic character that you need to feel sorry but that aspect has not been earned from him. He spent so much time when he was free goofing around and neglecting his friends and responsibilities so there was no reason to care about him. The only thing he has going for him is that he could destroy Lingalind and his friends and frenemies must stop him before this happens.        

Zetsu is making a run for best old man in all of anime. Ever since he came on, he forced all humans and even nature to bend to his unstoppable will. He took in a broken Kai and Ren and forced them back on their natural path. His legend continues to grow as he keeps doing the unthinkable. As seen in the last episode, anyone that has the unfortunate fate to get near Back Arrow ends up meeting their doom thanks to Rudolph and god. But of course, this means nothing to Zetsu who knowingly crosses the line and gets too close to Back Arrow bearing the full weight of his end of the world curse. In a stroke of mad genius, Zetsu uses Back Arrow as a sword and his mighty spirit keeps him from dying and transforms to his younger self. It’s a constant battle of regeneration vs the supreme force that is Rudolph.   

Bit’s comedic misfortune finally comes in handy as he breaks all the rules imposed on him. This show’s weakest character has earned his spot in the limelight by breaking everyone’s expectations of him. In a manner of sorts, he inherits Shu Bi’s last will to break the world free from the combines of god. From that point on, he engages in some witty mecha action. He puts on a bind warper that all three countries were engineering and then becomes a giant bind warper. Everyone in the field is just flabbergasted and is wondering what a giant bind warper is going to do. Bit yells do the thing as if anyone knows what he is planning and combines with Elsha to create a giant mecha to put a fork in Rudolph’s plans. No one expected him to amount to anything and now he’s the one setting things right but at what cost.   

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

One aspect that this show has needed to handle is how it handles death and the effect it has on the survivors. It has perfectly created the sense that this is the beginning of the end with Bit’s last scene. Everyone was cheering at how he changed the war. As he looked upon how he single-handedly changed this war for the battle, he shed tears. This was his proudest moment yet and this is the time he cries? It doesn’t forte well for his future Zetsu’s actions are also bound to come with a great cost. There is no way that he will come off scot-free after forcibly reverting his body to his younger self. Everyone is feeling the grief that comes with witnessing your loved ones die before their natural time. 

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

In Summary:
The rules have been fully thrown out the window and the show is all the better for it. The sky’s the limit for how tall a mecha can be. You have Zetsu constantly recreating his body with the unexplainable rules of Lingalind for the best battles. Even Bit is getting in on the action with the wackiest strategy to combine mecha is something akin to Gurren Lagann. Back Arrow has finally found its legs and it’s going full speed towards an end goal.  

Grade: A

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