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Pluto TV Adds ‘Mazinger Z Impact’ Anime Streaming

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What would you do if you had ultimate power? As a high school boy, Kouji never thought he would have to face that problem.

Mazinger-Z ImpactAfter picking up the release back in June 2014, Discotek Media has now brought the Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact, known as Shin Mazinger-Z Impact! in its Japanese release, out for streaming through Pluto TV. The twenty-six-episode series is available in its original Japanese language with English subtitles with free streaming for anyone.

Plot concept: What would you do if you had ultimate power thrust into your hands? As a normal high school boy, Kouji Kabuto never thought he would have to face that problem. But when your grandfather is a scientist known for having discovered the means to end the world’s energy crisis, just living a quiet life in a mansion isn’t going to last. Japanium, an ore capable of producing Photon Energy, promises to lead humanity into a bright future… though not everyone wants to use it for good.

The evil Dr. Hell is determined to use Photon Energy to power his malicious Mechanical Beasts, which would make him unstoppable! Darkness falls upon Kouji’s home town of Atami, the first city lit by Photon Energy, and the first step on the doctor’s quest for world domination! Not all is lost, however, as Kouji’s grandfather grants him the power of Mazinger Z – the ultimate fighting robot! Crushing Dr. Hell’s minions one by one, Kouji’s power is without limits, but there are still questions that plague him. Where did Dr. Hell find the Mechanical Beasts? What is the truth behind Japanium and Photon Energy? What really happened to Kouji’s parents, and why are the ruins of the ancient Mycenaean civilization at the heart of everything? Together with his friends, the Mazinger Corps., and the mysterious Kurogane House, Kouji must find the answer to these questions, and to the most pressing question of all: will he use his limitless power to become a god, or a devil?