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Back Arrow Episode #17 Anime Review

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We reached the point in the show where nothing makes sense anymore and anything is possible.
© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

What They Say:
“Is This How They Rise Up”

As if a flying dreadnought wasn’t surprise enough, a mysterious robed figure from the Lind Faith invites Arrow beyond the wall to reveal the world’s truth, once and for all. 

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Well, Tae’s rebellion was extremely short-lived. And it has such a promising start to it. His heart was driven to despair with the thought that he was going to lose his fortune over Rekka’s loss in the war. He was given a dreadnought by Rudolph to keep the embers of the war alive. All of Lingalind is brought to a standstill by the arrival of the new flying dreadnought. The signing ceremony to recognize Granedger as a country is called off to deal with this threat. Everyone and their mothers are panicking about how to solve this crisis. 

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

All of this tension is created and it’s dealt with in such an anticlimactic fashion. Zetsu forcefully takes one bind warper from one of the small villages. With the power of just one bind warper, he single-handedly destroys Tai’s dreadnought and horrifically ends Tai’s life. Tai was just a roach waiting to be crushed in pursuit of greater objectives. What was the purpose of promoting Tai and his dreadnought as this calamity-level threat if it was going to be taken out by one man? This show has been pushing the boundaries of mecha guidelines and Zetsu just performs magic to launch himself like an arrow and reclaim his nation. If this was anyone else besides Zetsu, I would have been flabbergasted by how this unnatural action took place. The bigger they are, the harder they fall or should I say the easier they are brutally murdered. Rekka is back on the playing field as Zetsu finds a lot of bind warpers. The future is wide open for Rekka but what direction will they take in Rudolph’s world?   

Back Arrow’s purpose has been to get over the wall to find the truth by any means possible. By the will of the gods, Back Arrow has finally done it. In an unexpected comedic turn of events, beyond the wall lies another wall. This grand journey ends with another wall to overcome. This revelation is a letdown from what could have been a spectacular moment to reveal what is beyond the wall. Unless there is nothing beyond the wall and Lingalind exists by its self. But that an unlikely scenario considering there is a science behind the magic being performed. The truth has to be revealed sooner rather than later and this episode just delays the inevitable.

Bigger is better and this episode delivers on this aspect. Dreadnaughts are becoming the standard for how warfare is taking place in Lingaling with a few notable exceptions. Just when the standard height is being set in, Back Arrow pushes the limit even higher, making GranEdger even more humongous. They also bring a plethora of innovative designs to brighten up the show. These designs are a perfect representation of the country from which they come from.   

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

In Summary
We reached the point in the show where nothing makes sense anymore and anything is possible. They pulled the rabbit out of a river instead of a hat and it works. Zetsu can turn water into wine and makes it the most fascinating piece of work for all to see. I’m not fond that there exists another wall beyond the first wall. It’s redundant to pull off this cheap stunt. Going by past endeavors, this aspect is going to be touched upon again and I hope it’s worth the buildup.   

Grade: B

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