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Netflix Schedules ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ 2nd Anime Season Streaming

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Get ready for a new wave of fans!

One of my favorite series that sadly wasn’t able to make the leap from streaming to home video is Kuroko’s Basketball. I had reviewed the first few seasons of it and really enjoyed the whole character aspect of it and that it focused almost exclusively on dealing with the tournament and practices themselves without a lot of school or personal drama.

Recently, the show began expanding to an even wider audience as Netflix started streaming it as of January 15th, 2021. The first twenty-six episode season has been added in its original Japanese language with English subtitles along with an English language dub. The subtitle options include English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Now, the second season is coming up soon as it began to show on the Australian app for a May 15th, 2021 debut and then the US app for a May 16th, 2021 debut. It’ll presumably be another batch of twenty-six episodes.

Series premise: In the final season of Kuroko no Basket, Kuroko goes head-to-head with his old teammates once more as he attempts to show them that individual skill is not the only way to play basketball. His firm belief that his form of basketball, team play, is the right way to play the sport will clash with the talents of a perfect copy and an absolute authority. Kuroko and the rest of Seirin High ultimately have one goal: to win the Winter Cup and overcome the strength of the Generation of Miracles, who have long dominated the middle and high school basketball scene.