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Pony Canyon Reveals 2nd ‘Show By Rock!! Stars!!’ Anime Blu-ray Release Packaging

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The latest update on the home video release!
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Details on this one continue to be a touch slim but the next entry in this franchise is in production with Show By Rock!! Stars!! Pony Canyon has the home video releases scheduled for it with it getting underway back on March 17th, 2021. With the second set coming up on May 19th, 2021, we’ve got a look at the cover design for that and I’m glad they’re changing things up a bit. The twelve-episode series is getting a four-volume release on Blu-ray only where each set is priced at 10,500 yen. Check out the full schedule and details below.

The series has Takahiro Ikezoe as the chief director working with director Daiko Yamagishi. Touko Machina is working on the series composition while Tomokatsu Nagasaku is serving as the character designer. Kinema Citrus is on board for animation production.

The cast brings together the groups with Mashumairesh, Plasmagica, Dokonjofinger, Shingancrimsonz, Reijingsignal, Criticrista, Tsurezurenaru Ayatsura Mugenan, Trichronika, Bud Virginlogic, Arcareafact, and Yokazenohorizon.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Volume Date Extras
1 03/17/21 Booklet, Character Song CD
2 05/19/21 Booklet, Character Song CD
3 06/16/21 Booklet, Character Song CD
4 07/21/21 Booklet, Character Song CD
Show By Rock Stars Japanese Volume 2 Cover
Show By Rock Stars Japanese Volume 1 Packaging
Show By Rock Stars Japanese Volume 1 Cover