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Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode #43 Anime Review

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It’s wonderful to see Digimon pay homage to the various cultures.
© Akiyoshi Hongo, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

What They Say:
“Clash, The King of Digimon”

The Chosen Ones come across an unfamiliar forest. There they meet Etemon and Volcamon who are battling over the title for the King of Digimon. Taichi and others are dragged into their fight.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Amigo or Mimigo? Does it matter? Mimi is the best amigo mimigo that a person can have. Mimi-centric episodes are always bound to be a blast and this is no exception. Every action she takes just creates a bundle of laughter. She can do no wrong in this show. From the garbage disposal last week, she found some maracas. From that moment the fiesta starts and everyone is dancing to the tune of her beat. While the maracas bring out a moment of serenity, it also forebodes a horrific fate with its music. 

It’s sad to see Etemon being relegated to a one-and-done appearance but alongside Volcamon, they brought laughter back to the Digital World. These two Digimon are fighting each other for the claim to be the King of Digimon. But fighting wouldn’t be the proper term for the challenge that they engage in. In something akin to a rap battle like the ones seen in Hypnosis Mic, these two are putting their soul and fitness to claim the crown. Etemon has his trademark rock and roll pumping up the crowd but Volcamon is taking it to the next level with a song and workout routine. They have the crowd memorized and its drives the chosen Digimon off their rockers.   

© Akiyoshi Hongo, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

Everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Etemon and Volcamon’s battle of the disharmonic music causes the Digimon to go haywire. For some Digimon, it feels like they’re on drugs. Agumon can’t stop breathing fire, Tentomon is going for the cool kid on the block look. They’re on cloud nine with how erratic their behavior. For Gabumon, he actually heads to the clouds as he just disappears leaving his coat behind and Yamato spends the whole episode trying to find out where he went. This needs to be an episode where we find out what happens to Gabumon.   

© Akiyoshi Hongo, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

Agumon needs to learn that not everything he sees is food. One of the items found in the garbage was a steering wheel. At the very least, Agumon only tries to eat inanimate objects unlike some of his fellow Digimon. While under the effects of Etemon’s life-changing drug of entertainment, Palmon eats Patamon. This series only managed to go a couple of episodes without a Digimon viciously eating other Digimon. What is up with the fascination of seeing Digimon eat other Digimon. Someone on the creative staff needs to watch Finding Nemo and learn that fish and Digimon are friends, not food. The fish have had better treatment than the Digimon.  

There was a whiff in the air that this reboot wanted to try out new ideas but it’s gotten bold enough to follow through. Palmon digivolved to Ponchomon to duke it out with the unholy threat of Etemon and Volcamon. Ponchomon’s Latin abilities prove to be too much for Etemon’s rock soul and Volcamon fitness program. It’s the first time that this series has taken a breath of fresh air and tried to differentiate itself from its predecessor. There was the instance with Palmon digivolving to Pegasusmon but the flood gates are open for more Digimon to have new digivolutions. 

In Summary:
For a long time, Digimon Adventure was taking a hard stumble but it finally found its rhythm. It’s wonderful to see Digimon pay homage to the various cultures. Etemon was rocking it out like in America and Mimi was with her maracas in Latin American nations. Every scene just had the right amount of chaos to create humor. There was no end to the ridiculous nature of these three odd jobs. Rocking the boat and having new Digivolutions is something that needs to continue happening. This is one of the stronger episodes in this series and it’s a must-watch.  

Grade: A+

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