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Miles To Go #4 Review

4 min read
You can never go back.

The story tightens.

Creative Staff:
Story: B. Clay Moore
Art: Stephen Molnar
Colors: Stephen Molnar
Letterer: Thomas Mauer

What They Say:
Amara Bishop and her daughter Alea learn that running away can’t help the family left behind, and retired assassin Moses Graves realizes that retirement isn’t always permanent. And the truth behind Amara’s childhood affinity for killing leads to a frightening new understanding of her daughter.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review WIlL contain spoilers):
With a bit more than a three month gap between releases, I’ll admit that I had forgotten about this series. And seeing that it ends in the next issue it feels like we’re getting a faster resolution than may have been planned? I’m not sure on that but it just feels like everything is barreling ahead quickly here. Moore has a lot going on with this installment and it works well and I can imagine that things can be wrapped up quickly but going from the languid approach of the first three it just feels weird. Thankfully, Molnar’s artwork is strong here once again with some great character designs and approach to the layouts that draws you in. I love how well he handles this cast of characters across the board with the little details that really bring them to life.

With the gunfight that went down previously, this installment is a good bit quieter as we get Amara dealing with Alea and just trying to catch their breath a bit at the cafe. She’s in a tough spot of trying to figure out their next move while making sure her daughter isn’t getting caught up too hard in things, all while noting that she’s handling it far too well – a strange sign of her generation. There’s some good flashback material later about Amara’s own past with her father and the kind of life she had, talking to the old man about it, but that just ties back to maybe the way Alea is coping with things is kind of hereditary. The dynamic between mother and daughter does play well here and Amara could certainly help change Alea’s life path just by staying in it.

What we do get that connects to the group that’s looking for her is when Alea’s father calls through the ipad to talk to Alea. Except that it’s the fixer that’s torturing Niles for information on Amara. Amara catches it before Alea sees it but she’s pretty cold and intense about the whole thing with the fixer and with Niles, mostly because she knows him well enough but also because there’s nothing she can actually do to fix the situation or help. It’s really Niles’ chance to take control of it or end up being killed as nothing she can say or do will change any of it. But instead of some big emotional moment, she just turns the ipad off, which is hilariously cold. That said, Niles’ story becomes a bit more interesting at this point and I’m really curious to see how much of a role he has in the finale.

In Summary:
Miles to Go started strongly and kept it up through the third issue but here everything just seems to falter. It’s interesting and the background we get is solid when it comes to Amara, but things just kind of feel like they fall flat. Part of it is knowing that the next is the finale and that we’ve had a three month gap where the energy has clearly fallen off on the readership side. That leaves this as a book that will hopefully do better when read in full and in trade form later. Molnar’s artwork is still a really big highlight here with what they’re offering as it looks great and the color work applied to it really brings all the detail and design to life beautifully.

Grade: B

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: AfterShock Comics
Release Date: April 7th, 2021
MSRP: $3.99

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