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Media Blasters Sets ‘Nana Seven of Seven’ Blu-ray Anime Release

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Nana Suzuki winds up being split into seven copies of herself!
© Yasuhiro Imagawa • Mine Yoshizak i • Genco / Project 7 / TV Tokyo

Media Blasters has been teasing their plans for a Blu-ray release of Nana 7 of 7 for some time and they’ve now followed through on it. The distributor has set a June 8th, 2021 release date for it priced at $34.99. The set will have the twenty-five episode run plus the OVA in bilingual form on Blu-ray and we have the artwork released for it below, which is a nicely reworked version of the original first volume DVD cover with a new background to it.

The twenty-six episode aired in 2002 and was directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa who worked on the series composition and wrote thirteen of the episodes. Asako Nishida handled the character designs and served as the chief animation director for it with ACGT handling the production itself. The Japanese cast includes Nana Mizuki as Nana Suzuki.

The English dub produced for Media Blasters was handled by NYAV Post as directed by Sean Schemmel. The cast includes Veronica Taylor as Nana Suzuki.

Plot Concept:  Nana Suzuki winds up being split into seven copies of herself. Besides the original Nana, there’s also a smart Nana, a happy Nana, an angry Nana, a sensitive Nana, a sad Nana, and a slow Nana.

Nana Suzuki, living with her inventor Grandfather who is searching for a way to capture a rainbow in crystal form, gets split into seven copies of herself when her Grandfather’s crystal experiment goes awry. Now with the original Nana, there’s an athletic/hot-tempered Nana (Nanappe), a happy Nana (Nanacchi), a sensitive Nana (Nanarin), a slow/child-like Nana (Nanakko), a sexy Nana (Nanapon), and a smart Nana (Nanasama).

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