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NBC Universal Japan Schedules ‘Tokyo Ravens’ Anime Blu-ray Compact Set

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A new Japanese edition!
© Kohei Azano / Sumihei / KADOKAWA Fujimi Shobo / Tokyo Ravens Production Committee

The Tokyo Ravens series has come and gone for a long time with a Blu-ray box set in Japan last coming out back in 2016. Now, NBC Universal Japan is looking to see if there are any more sales to pick up for it with a new compact specially priced edition. This new set is scheduled for a June 30th, 2021 debut where it’ll be priced at 15,000 yen – which is a significant drop from the 36,000 yen of the previous box set edition.

The set will include the twenty-four episode run as well as the opening and closing sequences, the three “teach you” shorts, and the audio commentaries that were previously recorded. It’ll be a four-disc Blu-ray set with Japanese 2.0 PCM audio for it.

Plot concept: Plot concept: From the studio behind Aquarion EVOL comes a supernatural fantasy featuring otherworldly battles and forgotten promises. Tokyo Ravens is the story of an ordinary high school boy from a not-so-ordinary family. Hautora was born into an ancient clan of onmyouji known for their mastery of all things occult. Unfortunately, he didn’t inherit the magical ability to see spirit energy, so he was doomed to live a normal life. At least, that is, until a mysterious girl from Harutora’s past returns to alter the course of his future!

Tokyo Ravens Japanese Special Price Edition Cover

[Source: Tokyo Ravens]

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