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Sensational Wonder Woman #13 Review

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Sanya Anwar hit this out of the park with ease when it comes to both the script and the visuals.

“The Empty People, Part 1”

Creative Staff:
Story: Sanya Anwar
Art: Sanya Anwar
Colors: Eva de la Cruz
Letterer: Travis Lanham

What They Say:
Wonder Woman is drawn into investigating the apparent kidnapping of a famous socialite and her infant son, but as she dives deeper into Natalia Close’s twisted life and past, she begins to question what’s really going on…

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The newest storyline from Sensational Wonder Woman is the kind that I can really get behind. Though I love what we see in big collaborations with writers and artists, the writer/artist combo always draws me in a bit more as they’re able to bring what’s in their minds-eye to the page more clearly. This is my first experience with Sanya Anwar as either writer or artist but I really love what she does here. Visually, the book is really solid here with beautiful designs, a great sense of flow even as it jumps through different periods of time, and a cohesive design that still feels unique and exciting. The writing is just as strong as we get to know the character that is the focus of things here and we don’t get a clear look at the villain, making it a really engaging mystery that we’re more a detective alongside Diana with trying to figure out.

The premise for this has Diana as more of an observer of sorts as we see her meeting Natalia Close, the influencer wife of agribusinessman Brutus Close. The charity hospital event for children is what brings them to their first meeting and has Diana getting a feel for a woman that was very skittish without showing it much. In the present, however, she’s gone missing and is being asked to help find her with Diana being given her diary. That has her wary but it starts her down the path of reading the thoughts of a woman who puts everything online. There’s a good story here about how what you see on the photo-sharing services not being the reality of their lives in the slightest, regardless of level of wealth, and that is a good part of what this focuses on. But for Diana, it’s going through everything in order to find clues as to her disappearance and who may be responsible.

Natalia’s story is certainly interesting as we learn that her name is Nina and much of her life is what has been forced on her by her mother, changing who she is so that she could become a trophy wife to someone wealthy. The problem is that the marriage has deep problems where she and Brutus aren’t in a good place and both of them handling it poorly. It’s a good examination of the breakdown of the relationship, especially with how Brutus just views her as a way to help promote his interests overall, and following her journey makes you feel for her a whole lot while wondering what it is that has happened. There’s a lot of good teases to this and a fleshing out of who Nina is as a person, which provides the right stinger at the end to give us an idea of how things went down for her without spelling it out outright.

In Summary:
Sanya Anwar hit this out of the park with ease when it comes to both the script and the visuals. I love the look of her artwork and hope to see more DC projects for her, especially like this where there’s no worry to continuity and a chance to explore interesting ideas. The story may have Diana as more of an observer with a couple of moments of her quite active, but it’s a good change of pace to have her more as someone taking in what’s gone done while being the detective trying to come up with what has happened. It’s a very well-paced book that feels like an engaging read that you don’t just flip through in a minute. Really looking forward to more.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 12+
Released By: DC Comics via ComiXology
Release Date: March 31st, 2021
MSRP: $0.99

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