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‘The Walking Dead’ Sets 11th Season Return

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We're shocked. Shocked, we tell you.

It’s been an interesting path the last couple of years with The Walking Dead as the show so totally threw me that I stopped writing about it after one particular character’s death in season eight. It didn’t keep me from watching the show but the investment level went done and I found myself simply not wanting to spend the time talking about it as much.

With the series finally finishing out the rough 10th season that was split up into three parts because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the season finale revealed that the 11th season will be coming back on August 22nd, 2021.

Not only is this earlier than usual, but the final season of the mothership series will be a whopping twenty-four episodes that won’t be shown all at once but rather broken up into eight-episode blocks as they look to close out a lot of storylines while setting up for the next phase of the property as a whole.

“Coming off of the six additional episodes for Season 10, which focused on smaller, character-driven stories, we’re excited to kick off Season 11 bigger than ever,” TWD showrunner Angela Kang promises of the final lap. “The stakes will be high – we’ll see more zombies, tons of action, intriguing new stories, never-before-seen locations and our groups together in one community for the first time, trying to rebuild what the Whisperers took from then,” the EP added of the end of once-blockbuster TWD, which was first unveiled on September 9, 2020.

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