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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode #12 Anime review

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If you were expecting a big, emotional season finale you are out of luck.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode #12

If 20,000 dead humans weren’t enough, we’re unleashing an ancient dragon and the devil as well.

What They Say:
Episode #12: “The One Unleashed”

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

I was hoping this would be a big, emotional reunion between Rimuru and Shion. What I got was some hinky animation that doesn’t live up to the level of previous episodes in the series and a rather dull thud of a joke about Shion’s cooking landing.

Yes, the reunion happens and Rimuru is pleased to see his subjects live. However, there isn’t much time for relaxation and relief. The Beast King emissaries that we set up at the front of the season have returned with terrible news. Their capital has been razed by the demon lord Milim. Not just destroyed, flattened. We get an extended cutaway to the attack and get to watch Carrion and Milim in their fighting forms. Unfortunately, the fight isn’t carried out with the impressive animation that Rimuru’s crew got for their fights. It’s as if the time and budget ran out for this episode. Plus, there’s a lot of ground to cover because there are other loose ends to tie up.

Rimuru is approached by the demon he summoned, who is aghast that the slime doesn’t remember him. To be fair, Rimuru was half-conscious when he summoned the guy. Not really knowing what to do with this demon pledging his undying loyalty, Rimuru gives him a name and a huge chunk of power to go along with it, Diablo. Not only does Diablo look like a butler, but he’s also about to become Rimuru’s butler. While Rimuru lucks into that contract, he makes a very conscious decision to make good on a promise made to someone else almost two years ago.

It’s funny that Rimuru comments on how his subjects look different when they really don’t. At least, I didn’t see any obvious differences in their new, upgraded forms. Likewise, the archdemon that Rimuru summoned doesn’t go through a drastic makeover either when given the name Diablo. Rimuru himself goes through a minor growth spurt that makes him even more pretty and androgynous. Who does get a major makeover is Veldora, whose new humanoid body goes through a magical girl-esk transformation into a buff, blond himbo.

And that’s where the mid-season break leaves us hanging. On a cackling elder dragon reveling in his newfound freedom. While a half-dragon is off plotting with another demon lord for reasons unknown. How very frustrating. 

In Summary:
If you were expecting a big, emotional season finale you are out of luck. Rimuru gets what he wished, his dead friends and subjects returned to life. The cost in human lives was steep, but Rimuru isn’t losing sleep over it. In fact, he barely gives it a second thought beyond what the cost in political terms might be. Maybe because he has three other crises looming that the situation is put on the back burner. The lack of emotional payoff isn’t the only problem with this episode. Beyond the quick pacing, the animation feels lacking after the large blowout in the last few episodes. The battle in the beast kingdom just feels anemic in comparison, even though Milim should be outclassing Rimuru’s attack in both power and impression. The ending shot of a restored and newly humanized Veldora has massive ramifications for the worldly power balance, but teasingly we are left hanging until summer for a conclusion to this whole Clayman/Holy Empire situation.

Grade: B –

Streamed by: Crunchyroll & Funimation

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