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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode #11 Anime review

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What will surely be one of the major touchstone moments of the series, Rimuru ascends to Demon Lord status.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode #11

Fuck around and find out.

What They Say:
Episode #11: “Birth of a Demon Lord”

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

This episode of Slime wisely does away with both an opening and ending. It would have been horribly out of place for that cheerful theme song to play while thousands of humans are dying at the hands of a very angry slime.

Rimuru kills so many people, including those attempting to flee, that he actually gains the skill Merciless during the slaughter. All that skill does is allow him to hurry the process up and clean up the stragglers. For as gruesome as this killing field is, the show is aware that the posturing enemies don’t stand a chance. They talk a good game but in the face of the extremely OP Rimuru and helpless and hopeless. The King of Falmuth is also a complete idiot who Rimuru almost offs because he didn’t even believe the dude was a king. With the number of dead reaching a milestone Rimuru begins his transformation.

The problem with that is that much like when Rimuru was naming his followers, it drains the slime. With his conscience fading, Rimuru calls on Ranga and summons a bunch of demons to finish cleaning up. Ranga finally proves he has a use beyond lapdog by whisking Rimuru and his new prisoners off to the safety of his people. 

The pacing of this episode is swift, so many of the mechanics behind the magic taking place remain obscured to the viewer. In this case, it might have helped to understand how and why Rimuru summoned a bunch of demons. (He panicked and used the dead bodies as a bargaining chip.) It’s also slightly unclear who initiates the evolution of the Great Sage into Raphael, due to both the Voice of the World and the Sage sharing a voice. (The Great Sage begged to evolve and traded another skill for it.) There are other magical bits glossed over in the interest of pacing but it makes the whole situation seem far more calculated than Rimuru actually planned.

Raphael assuming Rimuru’s body to carry out his will is another moment that seems to even confuse the two bystanders who were able to watch this whole proceeding go down. We’ve seen the Sage take over Rimuru before in order to fight, but this time the skill does it seemingly without command. Mjurran and Grucieth were the only magic-born in the area who weren’t Rimuru’s subordinates, so they got to stay and witness this magical feat take place. The miracle is only able to be correctly carried out due to having a couple of powerful magical souls to use to close the deficit in energy needed to resurrect the dead. Needless to say, bringing the dead back to life doesn’t seem to be a feat that can be easily replicated. At least, not anytime soon.

Now all that remains is dealing with the troublesome human leader and rebuilding Tempest. Although the Western Church isn’t going to be thrilled with the birth of this new Demon Lord. Also… we’ve mostly forgotten about this dragon that shares a name with the Demon Lord. Oh well, problems for the next season to deal with!

In Summary:
A well-presented episode, jam-packed with new faces, old faces, and some confusing evolutions. In what will surely be one of the major touchstone moments of the series, Rimuru ascends to Demon Lord status. The arrogance of the King of Falmuth seals his and his closest advisor’s fate. Yet Rimuru probably couldn’t have foreseen what his emergency summoning of a demon would yield, nor that his Great Sage decided to evolve right along with him. The ramifications of such a massive power shift in the world will be interesting. Benimaru’s one hope is Rimuru’s evolution doesn’t change his personality, power corrupts after all.

Episode Grade: A –

Streamed by: Crunchyroll & Funimation

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