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Crunchyroll Streams The ‘Fatal Fury: The Movie’ Anime Feature Film & OVAs

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why does the quest to world domination always begin with collecting stuff?

Fatal Fury Blu-ray CoverDiscotek Media picked up the rights to the Fatal Fury OVA and movie material back in 2014 and released it all to DVD. They were able to get the high definition rights and that came out with a 2017 release. Now, the folks are Crunchyroll have gotten their hands on the materials and are showing it off on their service. It’s definitely a fun project overall and one that while it may not hold up in some ways considering it’s from the 90s, it’s definitely a hoot. And at one time, was the only kind of show we really had available for release.

Check out the property here and here which is available to viewers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Plot concept: Young millionaire Laocorn Gaudeamus is on a crusade to recover six pieces of armour said to give the user the powers of Mars—the legendary God of War. Fearing that her twin brother is slowly losing his sanity with every armour piece he collects, Sulia runs to Terry, Andy, Joe and Mai to form their own global crusade to stop Laocorn from opening a potential Pandora’s Box and releasing an uncontrollable form of destruction.

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