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30 Day Animation Challenge Day 28: What Animation Means To You

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A new day, a new challenge!

I… did not think this month through. 😀

Rather than try to cram the last couple of days of questions into one day with multiple topics, we’ll wrap things up with our catch-all kind of end of the month question by asking what animation means to you, what things we didn’t get to talk about that you wish we had, and how animation has impacted your life.

Having grown up where for the longest time animation was treated as purely for kids, I’m the type that was grateful for discovering anime and something more which in turn brought me back to Western animation to see the growth, influences, and changes there and admire that it’s really doing better than I ever thought it was. I struggled with a lot of it in the 21st century because I was raising two kids who wanted to see a lot of it and a lot of those early films are just not good and the usual schlock you get for kids. But more and more creative pieces began to show, Pixar had more hits and misses with me which meant they needed to shake things up, and we started seeing a wave of new streaming animated series that could go further than broadcast which helped as well.

I’ll always love animated works, they’ve been a part of me since the beginning, and I’m excited to see where it keeps going and trying to grow to.

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