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Back Arrow Episode #08 Anime Review

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Mad science is made fun again with the crazy experiments of Lutoh!
© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

What They Say:
“What is the Bloodstained Knight Hiding”

Arrow stays behind to fight the wall while the rest of the village heads to Lutoh. Though at first it seems like paradise, this nation full of love hides dark secrets, too.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Edger Village is finally catching a break after so much carnage. The villagers arrive at Lutoh and they’re treated like kings. They get a hero’s welcome the moment they step into new lands. A feast that only royalty can access is laid bare before these common villagers. With this feast, the different lifestyles that these villagers have compared to the Lutoh royalty are made too apparent. The villagers were never given the option of learning manners as they rush to the tables and everything with their bare hands. There has to be more than meets the eye with these simple folks being provided such a delicious meal.   

Elsha and Atlee are treated to a higher degree of care as they get to meet Princess Fine in the bathhouse. Their reactions to the bathhouse are priceless as all they can do is stare in suspense. Princess Fine ideology of love and peace is infectious as she has Elsha and Atlee at the palm of her hand. They end up having to wash Fine’s back as a symbol of diplomacy. She tells them “Wash my back and I wash your back’ but she ends up leaving after they wash her back.   

As Princess Fine takes off, she laments the fact that Back Arrow didnt join them. Like the adorable dog, Prax blasts off to get Back Arrow. Back Arrow is still trying to either break or get over the wall. The doctor, Sola Athin was the only villager to stay with him. Back Arrow’s only redeemable quality is that he can’t be beaten but that the only thing he has going for him. And that already losing traction. Prax appears in her briheight mode and gives Back Arrow a nightmarish truth about the wall. 

Mad scientists are a dime a dozen. They all share some similar characteristics. Lutoh’s mad scientist, Demyne Shaft, manages to bring fantastic joy to the insanity that is a mad scientist. He has Back Arrow trapped and is about to experiment on him. But just before he gets started, he needs to set the mood for this occasion. He has a choir waiting in the background whenever he needs to dissect a living being. How many mad scientists have ever had a choir as they perform immoral acts? The choir gleefully sings of the pain that Back Arrow is feeling while the experiments are going. No matter what, the show must go on. The choir doesn’t stop just because Back Arrow escaped or their leader is knocked out cold. No, they keep going to the very end. You have to admire that kind of dedication to their craft.  

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

Lutoh has its fair share of dark science with the mad scientists, briheights, and the sparkly boys. But Lutoh isn’t satisfied with just those so it’s going beyond the realm of sanity with their next experiment. Princess Fine’s spirit of love isn’t all it turns out to be as she has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde going for her. It’s such a shocking twist for her character. How can a princess of a country believe in love during times of war? There had to be some drawbacks to her. Something was coming since someone was wearing the same outfit as Prax but with a mask. It would be foolish for Prax to be wearing a mask since most people already know who she is. Fine’s Dr. Hyde form is wickedly scary and just what this show needed to shake things up.     

© Goro Taniguchi, Kazuki Nakajima, ANIPLEX / Back Arrow Production Committee

In Summary
Mad science is made fun again with the crazy experiments of Lutoh. There was a bit of drag to get to Lutoh but it’s now worth the trouble. If you’re going to be a mad scientist or a lab experiment you might as well do it with an extravagant flair. Part of the reason that this episode was more enjoyable to watch is that Back Arrow was given a background role. He can only carry this show so far as the protagonist. It would have been nice if Prax just left him by himself for one more episode.    

Grade: B

Streamed By: Funimation

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