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30 Day Animation Challenge Day 27: Best Animation Film Soundtrack

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A new day, a new challenge!
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We’re talking soundtracks today with a look at the best score for an animated feature film. We’ll do one for the best musical tomorrow but for today we want to talk about the best score for a film that doesn’t include lyrics for each piece. There’s a lot of good stuff out there for this where there are certain themes and pieces that just stick with you for your entire life. Which is why I go back to the 1978 Lord of the Rings soundtrack as I had seen this at a young and influential age and a lot of its design has really stuck with me in a lot of ways. It even took a bit to adjust to the live-action films as I could hear some of these pieces in my head while watching certain scenes in those works.

What’s on your list as the best animation film soundtrack?

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