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Crunchyroll Streams ‘Nutcracker Fantasy’ Anime

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Nutcracker FantasyWhile not anime itself, there’s long been an interest among many anime fans for this Sanrio project with the 1979 stop-motion film Nutcracker Fantasy. With a recent remaster and re-release in Japan, Discotek Media picked it up and released their edition with a DVD-only affair that arrived on August 29th, 2017. That release includes the original Japanese language with English subtitles as well as the previously produced English language dub.

Now, they’ve brought the show over to Crunchyroll where they have separate dubbed and subtitled options available for it here.

You can also rent via Amazon Prim with it in HD for $2.99 or buy it in HD for $9.99 here.

Plot concept: This original stop-motion Sanrio production features beautiful photography, lighting, sets, and intricate dolls. They help create a delightful and sometimes dark world complete with the menacing Ragman and a tyrannical two-headed rat queen. After a young girl, Clara, receives a nutcracker from her enigmatic Uncle Drosselmayer, she finds that her precious present is stolen by thieving rats led by Mauslynx, the double-headed rat queen. To win it back, Clara enters a surreal land through her family’s grandfather clock. One of her stops is the Kingdom of Dolls, where she finds the king grieving over his cursed, eternally-asleep daughter, Princess Mary, a doppelganger for Clara herself. She and Franz, the captain of the guards and Mary’s suitor, infiltrate the army of rats in a desperate attempt to dethrone the despot!

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