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‘Georifters’ Out Now On PlayStation 4!

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The PlayStation 4 version includes content from all previous updates, such as Time Challenge mode, Match Arena mode, new costumes, and much more.

Leoful and Busy Toaster Games are pleased to announce terrain bending adventure Georifters has arrived on PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 version includes content from all previous updates, such as Time Challenge mode, Match Arena mode, new costumes, and much more.

This unique ground bending platformer asks players to use 3D spatial reasoning to navigate 2D situations; why jump across gaps when you can use your ability to close them? A wall of spikes in your path? No problem, spin them out of your way. Pesky enemy getting you down? Crush them with the ground they are standing on! Push, flip, twist, or turn the terrain to overcome challenges and battle competitors in hundreds of stages in single-player, co-op, or multiplayer modes. Unlock new skills, costumes, heroes, and much more in this unique ground bending 3D platformer.

Each hero in Georifters lives, literally, in their own bubble world, but one day, strange rifts begin appearing in each of the worlds, followed by strange creatures wreaking havoc and stealing the very air you breathe! You must help Candy to venture out of her bubble world and embark on a ground bending adventure spanning the different worlds, meeting other heroes along the way and convincing them to leave their isolated worlds, to accept and understand each other’s differences and join you on your journey, together to fight for a greater good.

Georifters is scheduled to launch on the Nintendo Switch in summer 2020. A physical edition of Georifters, which includes bonus Pro Gamer skin parts for playable hero Candy, will be available for pre-order at retailers across Asia starting July 2020. The game will also be published digitally by Leoful on the Hong Kong region Nintendo eShop. Georifters is playable in English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. An announcement regarding publishing and release for other territories will be made at a later date.


  • Unique ground manipulation system allows you to move the world in many ways around your enemies or yourself!
  • Use your ground manipulation skills to discover and unearth hidden items and powerups!
  • Unlock heroes, worlds, weapons, upgrades and more.
  • Upgrade your chosen champions’ unique abilities to suit your play style using the cards & stickers perk system.
  • Over 50 different costume combinations: choose how fabulous you look whilst crushing your foes.
  • Grab up to four friends to team up with or against each other for fast paced ground manipulation battles.
  • More a thinker than a fighter? No worries! Grab a friend for some precision ground manipulation in coop, or single player if you prefer to do everything yourself.
  • 6 Unique bubble worlds, each inspired by one of the human senses.
  • 7 Unique heroes, each with their own individual special way of manipulating the ground.
  • Explore 6 fantastical worlds comprised of 30+ levels with 300+ stages.

For more information, visit the official website of Georifters!

About Leoful: Leoful is a video game publisher founded in 2019 by two life-long gamers. We hope to entertain people all over the world with fun and inspiring games.

About Busy Toaster: Busy Toaster is a team and brand label created and owned by Playerium; to exercise the belief that diverse cultural and creative roots provide the best ingredients to make intriguing characters, compelling worlds and engaging experiences, for a global audience.

About Playerium: In 2015, Playerium was founded by industry veterans with a simple goal in mind: reduce the amount of non-creative workflows and processes that surround development – and allow creative professionals to imagine and build amazing gaming experiences.

Headquartered in Taipei, the studio provides technical and creative support for game developers around the globe. Their unique team has professionals with roots in all continents and have been credited on critically acclaimed titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, Resident Evil 7, and Monster Hunter World, Astral Chain, Bloodborne among others.

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