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Viz Media Adds 1st ‘Naruto’ Anime Opening & Closings Streaming

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Believe it! Naruto, Set 1 comes to Blu-ray on November 3, 2020!

The expansion of the Naruto property is underway as we had talked recently about it appearing at more services internationally. The series saw its arrival on Netflix last year and Funimation brought it to the UK earlier last year before recently getting it rolling on the domestic side as well.

Viz Media recently stepped in to reveal that the series is finally making the leap to high definition with Blu-ray releases. The first set was scheduled for a November 3rd, 2020 debut where it’ll include the first 27 episodes of the 220-episode series. With Viz Media recently highlighting the third release as they’ve now announced it for a May 11th, 2021 debut for it, they’re doing some new promotion for the show by taking us back to the past.

The latest is the addition of the opening theme song “R★O★C★K★S ” by Hound Dog as well as the ending theme song “Wind” by Akeboshi, things we haven’t heard in years.

Property Concept: Get ready to cheer for your favorite characters, because the Chunin Exam battles are on! Naruto’s Shadow Clones face a wall of hands when he takes on Neji. In the midst of a bitter match between Sasuke and Gaara, Orochimaru strikes! Together with the sinister Sound Ninja, he wreaks his serpentine revenge on The Village Hidden in the Leaves with only the Hokage to stop him. Naruto desperately tries to keep a rampaging Gaara from succumbing to his rage! Can he break through Gaara’s pain?



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