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Sentai Streams The ‘Princess Resurrection’ Anime Trailer

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Get ready for the wildest animation about reanimation ever

Sentai Filmworks back in 2019 brought out a new SDBD release with the Princess Resurrection series scheduled. The two-cour set included the OVA and was a welcome complete collection for one of the earliest properties out of Sentai Filmworks. But it’s also a property that never had its trailer streamed before recently as they’ve updated to bring that out, which you can check out below. The series is still available on Blu-ray and is available for streaming on HIDIVE.

The 2007 TV series was directed by Masayuki Sakoi based on the series composition by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. Kazuya Kuroda adapted the character designs and served as the chief animation director with Madhouse handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Ayako Kawasumi as Hime, Fuyuka Oura as Hiro Hiyorimi, Ai Shimizu as Sherwood, Mamiko Noto as Reiri Kamura, Rika Morinaga as Francesca, Shiho Kawaragi as Flandre, Yuko Kaida as Liza Wildman, and Yuko Minaguchi as Sawawa.

The English dub was written and directed by Steven Foster with a cast that includes Blake Shepard as Hiro Hiyorimi, Shelley Calene-Black as Hime, Bree Welch as Flandre, Emily Neves as Reiri Kamura, Hilary Haag as Sherwood, Luci Christian as Liza Wildman, Monica Rial as Sawawa, and Stephanie Wittels as Francesca.

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The manga by Yasunori Mitsunaga was originally released by Del Rey Manga in North America with Kodansha Comics picking it up later. It has twenty volumes to its name between 2005 and 2013. The original series spawned a TV series and OVA run as well.

Original Concept:

When Hiro Hiyorimi tries to save a beautiful young woman from certain death, he ends up a dead hero himself!  However, since the drop-dead girl is Princess Hime, daughter of the King of the Monsters, his “reward” is to come back as a not-quite-living soldier in her honor guard of horror! That means helping fight off the army of supernatural monstrosities Hime’s siblings are unleashing against her in hopes of moving up the ladder of succession. And if facing off with vampires and zombies isn’t bad enough, how can anyone be prepared for the truly weird ones like were-sharks, pandas, and killer dumplings? This sure isn’t the afterlife Hiro was hoping for, but the really sad part is that Hime is the good girl in all of this. Or at least, as close to good as you can come when you’re on the wrong side of the gates of Hell!  Get ready for the wildest animation about reanimation ever in PRINCESS RESURRECTION – The Complete Collection!

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