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‘I’m Standing on a Million Lives’ 2nd Season Anime Season Sets VTuber for Opening Them Song

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© Naoki Yamakawa, Akinori Nao, Kodansha / I am standing on 1 million lives Production Committee

Get ready for more of an interesting anime adaptation with 100-man no inochi no ueni orewa tatteiru, which is localized as I’m Standing on a Million Lives for the manga release that began a couple of years ago. The first season anime adaptation saw an October 2nd, 2020 premiere, and the second season is scheduled for July 2021. After being quiet for a bit a new update has come down from the official site that has revealed VTuber Kade Higuchi has been brought on board to perform the opening theme song for the second season. No song title was revealed and you can see the tweet/visual about it below.

Crunchyroll previously announced their pickup for the series with a 10:00 am ET premiere time on Friday’s. Availability for it is set with North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceana, the Middle East, and CIS.

The series has Kumiko Habara directing it based on the scripts by Takao Yoshioka. Eri Kojima and Toshihide Masudate are working on the character designs while Maho Film is handling the production.

The cast includes Yūto Uemura as Yūsuke Yotsuya, Risa Kubota as Iu Shindo, Azumi Waki as Kusue Hakozaki, Makoto Koichi as Yuka Tokitate, and Chiwa Saito as Kahabell.

The first season of the series features the opening theme song with the song “Anti world” by Kanako Takatsuki as well as the closing theme song  “Carpe Diem” as performed by Liyuu.

The series comes from Naoki Yamakawa and artist Akinari Nao and has had three volumes released digitally in English so far. Kodansha Comics revealed in 2018 that this title has done well enough in digital form to warrant a print edition that began in May 2019 with its release. Read Chapter 1 for free here.

The series began in 2016 in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and has nine volumes available in Japan.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Ninth grader Yusuke Yotsuya is practical, friendless, and not active in any clubs. Then one day, he and two female classmates are suddenly sent to another world where they must work together to battle for their lives. Yotsuya is a lone wolf and has always lived his life according to his wants, but how will that work out now that he’s supposed to be a hero?! Get ready for a one-of-a-kind story that will challenge everything you thought you knew about fantasy!

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