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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For February 21st, 2021

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So. Much. TV.
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It’s a new year and that means… data caps! My region was lucky to avoid having those for all these years but we’re now getting capped starting this month, with some grace time, and I’ll admit that with a family of four with very different tastes, we gotta be careful how much we do stream. So I made sure to finish out some big shows last month and will probably be a touch choosier going forward, though we’re supposed to be getting some options on how to manage it for those who want “real” unlimited. Oh boy.

We’ve mostly whittled away our list of shows to watch in several of our streaming service queues so we’re definitely in a good place.

Current Netflix queue: I Am WomanRebecca, Cool Hand Luke, TRibes of Europa, The Dig, Squared Love

HBO Max queue: David Bowie: The Last Five Years, TolkeinJojo RabbitWatchmen TVWestworld S3

Hulu queue: Das BootSwing ThingsI Kill GiantsThey Shall Not Grow Old

With this week, it was a bit of a light one with just a couple of episodes here and there to nudge along the shows I’m in the middle of. I spent some time with Ant-Man and the Wasp to introduce it to a family member and naturally kept up on WandaVision.

This week saw the start of For All Mankind with season two and I’m delighted. I loved the first season a lot with its alternate history take and this one is moving things forward as history is diverging in even bigger ways while still playing to some really great scientific advances and progress. It feels like it could line up pretty well to 2001 and 2010 overall and there’s appeal in thinking that these things take place in the same timeline.

I started a new limited series on Netflix with Behind Her Eyes as I’d heard interesting things about it before and it has a solid cast. It’s a slow burn thriller with only six episodes and I’m just a third into it. It’s definitely interesting and I like the cast but it hasn’t wowed me like some others have.

While I added a couple of things to my Netflix queue, I didn’t to my HBO Max queue and finished up The Flight Attendant. While I think it might have ended better without it setting up for a second season, the core storyline following Kaley Cuoco’s character was fantastic and a lot of fun. It had some creative ways of working through inner dialogue, it used some great locations, and it had the right kind of crazy to carry it along with as the lead character made a lot of bad mistakes along the way and kept paying the price for it. It’s definitely some good escapism in all the right ways that made for a good experience.

I really enjoyed the first season of Bonding, especially with episodes coming in at about 18-minutes on average, as it delved into some moments and didn’t overstay its welcome. The second season has them in a bad place after the events of the first as expected, but I’m not exactly keen on the flow of it with them both trying to get things going again and having to go through training once more. I’m about halfway through it as I’m watching one every few days, especially since they’re extra short at like 18 minutes, but it’s overall amusing enough.

Beyond that, it’s been sticking mostly to the familiar sitcoms with Call Me KatCall Your MotherMr. Mayor, and especially The Unicorn. I did recently find that the relaunch of Mad About You is on Amazon so I’m slowly trying that out because the show was a huge favorite in the 90s of mine. Some things you get wary about coming back to but there’s a charm, three episodes in, in thinking that this couple could make it work for decades.

In catching up on older things that I’ve got in my collection that I’ve revisited while working while trying to avoid streaming so as to not use up my data cap, it’s an odd mix this week. Over the course of the week, I’ve background watched:

  • Memewnto
  • O Brother, Where Art Though?
  • The Philadelphia Experiment
  • Pinocchio
  • Ready Player One
  • Sin City
  • Sword in the Stone
  • TMNT
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • War for the Planet of the Apes

What did you watch this past week?

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