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Redo of Healer Episode #05 Anime Review

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Keyarga has another conquest under his belt and is ready to keep moving forward with his revenge.
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What They Say:
Keyarga’s actions have not gone unnoticed. He used the Krylet sword technique against Gioral soldiers. And one woman will not let the insult stand.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
I had gotten behind in keeping up with this series and it’s something that kind of worked out in my favor. In the time since watching the fourth episode, HIDIVE went and got the next level up in versions of this series which shows off more of the nudity and naughtiness than the broadcast version in Japan did. Now, that’s not to say it will make the show better, but for fans like myself who are watching it because it’s a raw, crass, vulgar, and dirty show, we’re now able to get it in more of its original vision. I do believe the home video release in Japan is supposed to be another layer of explicitness on it as well, but for streaming it’s just welcome to finally get something like this when one can imagine most services shying away from it.

The show plays to an angle that definitely fits to the male view of how the world would work in this kind of setting as we get Keyarga and his women out in the countryside at the start, enjoying the lakeside and all, and for him it’s just free sex for the taking as he beds them both hard and not exactly asking for their permission. The show presents it in a lazy quality with a look around at the location so as to not show anything until it’s done but it’s definitely made clear that there are some relationship dynamics here that could blow up in his face down the way if he’s not careful. It’s certainly a way to kill a few minutes and still has me hopeful that it’s actually animated on some level for a mature audiences/hentai level home video release. I can see why this totally would turn away a lot of viewers but at the same time it plays out in the way that a lot of people would actually live such a life in Keyarga’s shoes and with all that he has going for him.

With the latest town they enter into, Keyarga is continuing his approach with the potion, though this is just a ruse this time around from a group trying to basically bully it out of him. He’s able to escape the situation without losing anything and keep everyone alive. But that’s just a small bump before he ends up having to deal with the arrival of Kureha Krylet. Since he’s been using the family technique for some time and word got back to her it was only time until she tracked him down, not just for that but for the deaths against the empire as well she’s holding him responsible for. His facing off against her is playful at first on his side, almost mocking, but with his ability to see her weaknesses and strength, it gives him the advantage to be sure. He does have to be careful because there’s unpredictability in everything but it makes for a really great fight sequence since you can imagine that he loves the idea of breaking her after his past alternate life.

The fight takes up a good chunk of the episode and has a beautiful moment of crazy because of Keyarga’s healing ability and then his domination of her personality. Making her see what her kingdom has done is something she can’t believe but with a few choice words he’s able to get through to her in that she’ll at least be looking more for such things like the slavery it engages in as opposed to turning a blind eye like before. But Keyarga also goes further here in revealing who he really is and that her sister isn’t dead, though the version of Flare isn’t the same as what Kureha knew since he twisted her to his supposed goal here. Suffice to say, Flare’s presence is something that helps to get through to Kureha and further’s Keyaru’s ultimate goals. All of these machinations help to bring Kureha not exactly to his side but one where she’s not viewing him as he really is and that leaves her open to greater manipulation toward his larger goals.

In Summary:
With some additional off-screen sexytimes toward the end that plays out with some stills for part of it, Keyarga has another conquest under his belt and is ready to keep moving forward with his revenge. The other women aren’t exactly thrilled with this since they were already in a kind of light competition for his attentions when he has more fun sharing them together, so bringing Kureha into the mix is problematic. This episode has some really fun stuff to it as we see it playout and the big action sequence along between Keyarga and Kureha works really well, especially since Keyarga has a bit of crazy to him that lets him work some bigger risks with greater reward. I definitely like the less-censored version of it than we had before and am hopeful for a completely uncensored one someday.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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