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30 Day Animation Challenge Day 21: Best 1960s Animation

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A new day, a new challenge!

Giving a chance for specific periods of time to shine, to see the evolution of animation itself in so many different ways, we’re looking at what you think is the best/your favorite animation project of the 1960s. This can be a TV series, special, film, or something else since there were a few creative ways to release things.

The 60s is when a lot of stuff really started to come together with animation that would last a long time and you’d have shows that would run for a couple of hundred episodes, a far cry from how things are today.

I grew up on a lot of these as I was born in the early 70s and reruns were the thing that got you through the first couple of hours of the day, especially on weekends, before the shiny new animated series would come out.

For this decade, there are a lot of DC Comics properties that had specials that I have a fondness for but it really is all about the Jetsons for me for TV series and The Jungle Book for film.

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